Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 186
Advisory Commissions, Committees and Councils, Business and Education


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Historic preservation revolving fund, nonresident professional athletes and entertainers, ten percent of estimated taxes allocated to, when, 143.183
186.005. Law, how cited.
186.007. Women's council established--appointment--qualifications--terms, vacancies--chairman appointed.
186.011. Expenses, how paid--staff to be furnished--meetings, when held.
186.014. Executive director for council to be in department of economic development--appointment--qualifications, powers and duties.
186.016. Powers and duties of the council.
186.018. Council to develop state plan.
186.019. Report from certain state agencies to council and designated officials--contents--due, when.
186.050. Humanities council, purpose--definitions.
186.055. Missouri humanities trust fund established, funding--administration by board of trustees, members, appointment, terms--humanities council executive committee, appointment.
186.060. Operating and program expenses, how paid, limitation.
186.065. General assembly may appropriate funds, purpose--distribution of funds, when.
186.067. Annual report to be made by council, when, content.

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