Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 189
Aid to Local Governmental Health Facilities


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Health care assistance payments fraud and abuse, 191.900 to 191.914
189.010. Definitions--funds intended for poor patients--patients that are ineligible.
189.015. Local public hospital tax effort--report--amount required--report filed when.
189.020. Director may require further data--may examine books and records or request audit.
189.025. Director may propose allocations--to report local tax effort and proposed allocations to state board of health and fiscal officers of governmental body.
189.030. State board of health to approve proposed allocations--letter of approval to chief fiscal officers and director--to revise allocations by June fifteenth.
189.035. Warrants--issuance--amounts, how determined.
189.040. Payment to local government treasurer--funds, how used.
189.045. Minimum expenditure required of local government or aid withheld.
189.050. Local residency requirement prohibited.
189.055. Duties of department of social services.
189.060. Director to promulgate rules and regulations, procedure, liaison personnel to be appointed.
189.065. Special need areas, expenditures for.
189.070. Inspections required, when.
189.075. Payments on actual cost and fair and reasonable cost basis.
189.080. Eligibility requirements for patients.
189.085. Department to keep records--applicant and recipient records confidential, exception.
189.095. Hospitals which qualify for certain MO HealthNet funds are ineligible to receive certain payments--hospitals may elect to reject, when--MO HealthNet division to use funds which would have gone to hospital--division may issue rules and regulations.

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