Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 196
Food, Drugs and Tobacco


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All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Baby food, drugs, cosmetics, and certain devices, sales by itinerant vendors and peddlers prohibited, penalty, 150.465
Beer and liquors to be manufactured of pure components, 311.490
Dairies, sale of milk, regulation in cities and towns, 71.720
Director of department of health and senior services, powers and duties, 192.080
Honey, separate facilities not required for manufacture of, when, 261.241
Pesticide registration act, 281.210 to 281.310
Poisons, regulation of sale, prescriptions to be preserved, 338.090, 338.100
Polystyrene foam products, packaging, wrapping or containers for food or beverages prohibited, penalty, 643.400
St. Charles County may require health inspections and licenses for eating establishments in the county, 205.769
Tobacco settlement financing authority act, 8.500 to 8.565
196.010. Definitions.
196.015. Certain acts prohibited.
196.020. Injunction will lie to restrain violations of section 196.015.
196.025. Punishment for violations, exceptions.
196.030. Agent of department of health and senior services shall tag, detain and embargo adulterated, tainted, or misbranded articles.
196.035. Duty of prosecuting attorney.
196.040. Department of health and senior services not required to report minor violations, when.
196.045. Authority for enforcement vested in department of health and senior services--rulemaking, procedure.
196.050. Not to prescribe more stringent regulations than prescribed by federal act.
196.055. Access to places in which food, drugs, devices or cosmetics are manufactured.
196.056. Charitable fund-raising events, nonprofit organization may prepare food in private home--notification to consumer--exceptions.
196.060. Carriers in interstate commerce shall permit access to records of shipments.
196.065. Publication of reports of judgments, decrees and court orders.
196.070. Food, when deemed adulterated.
196.075. Food, when deemed misbranded.
196.080. Permits governing manufacture, processing or packing of certain foods--suspension and reinstatement.
196.085. Use of poisonous or deleterious substances.
196.090. Sections 196.010 to 196.120 not applicable to animal food or garbage.
196.095. When drug or device adulterated.
196.100. When drug or device misbranded.
196.105. Provisions governing selling or delivering new drug.
196.110. When a cosmetic deemed adulterated.
196.115. When a cosmetic deemed misbranded.
196.120. Advertisement, when deemed false.
196.150. Sale of horse and mule meat prohibited except when labeled as such meat.
196.155. Penalty.
196.160. Lawful to sell goat meat, when.
196.165. Falsely representing food to be kosher prohibited, penalty--kosher defined.
196.170. Mixed flour to be branded.
196.175. Penalty.
196.190. To what places law applies.
196.195. Contents of places and utensils used must be protected.
196.210. Toilet rooms provided.
196.220. Not used for sleeping purposes.
196.225. Employees with communicable disease prohibited, where.
196.230. Abatement of violations by director.
196.235. Penalty.
196.240. Authorization by director to close health menace.
196.245. Order to specify what--revocation--reopening.
196.250. Construction of the word close.
196.265. Penalty for violation.
196.271. Food manufacturers or distributors may register.
196.291. Food sold at religious events or charitable functions exempt from food inspection laws and regulations, when.
196.298. Definitions--operation not deemed food service establishment, when--no state or local regulation.
196.311. Definitions.
196.313. License to sell eggs required--exceptions.
196.316. License requirements--applications--kinds of licenses--fees--posting.
196.318. Licensees to keep records.
196.321. Standards and grades to be fixed.
196.323. Kinds of eggs which may be sold.
196.326. Egg containers to be marked or labeled.
196.328. Containers not required to be marked, when.
196.331. Sign required on sale from bulk lots.
196.333. Markings in case of eggs from different species of fowl.
196.336. Advertisements of price to give size and quality.
196.338. Dealer to furnish retailer with invoice showing size and quality.
196.341. Processing plants kept clean--standards--inspection--rulemaking, procedure.
196.343. Inspection of business premises and records.
196.346. Stop-sale orders, effect--appeals.
196.348. Court may order seizure of eggs, when--condemnation.
196.351. License suspended or revoked, when, procedure--appeal.
196.354. Duties of director of agriculture--rules and regulations.
196.357. Violations may be enjoined.
196.361. Violation a misdemeanor.
196.450. Definitions.
196.455. Annual license required.
196.465. Semiannual inspection of plants.
196.470. Form and expiration of license.
196.475. Gas masks, alarm bell, and illumination required.
196.480. Requirements before issuance of license.
196.485. Temperature requirements and record.
196.490. Food to be quick frozen before placed in locker.
196.495. Record of name and address of user.
196.500. Accurate and complete report of weight of food.
196.505. Designation of food not for human consumption.
196.510. Operator to have lien on property for rentals--furnish content insurance.
196.515. Revocation of license--enforcement.
Cross Reference

Southern dairy compact, 262.700 to 262.703 ***

196.520. Short title.
196.525. Definitions.
196.527. Purposes.
196.530. Standards to be maintained.
196.540. Administration by state milk board--rules, promulgation--exempt products.
196.542. Fees for licenses.
196.545. Unlawful sale of dairy products.
196.550. Grading of products--right to protest accuracy, procedure.
196.555. The state milk board's right of access.
196.560. Records of purchases and sales.
196.565. The state milk board may take samples.
196.570. Condemnation of illegal dairy products.
196.575. Unidentified products subject to seizure.
196.580. Confiscated products released to owner, when.
196.585. Inspection, interference prohibited.
196.590. Suspension or revocation of licenses.
196.595. Substandard products, sale or production prohibited.
196.610. Penalty for violation.
196.612. Contract with the United States Department of Agriculture to inspect plants and grade products.
196.614. State contracted manufacturing dairy plant inspection and grading fee fund--purpose--interest--unexpended balance, transfer to general revenue prohibited.
196.695. Filled milk defined.
196.700. Emulsified cream defined.
196.705. Fat or oil other than milk fat prohibited.
196.710. Emulsified cream and filled milk prohibited.
196.715. Penalty for violation.
196.735. Labeling of cheese.
196.740. Labeling for shipments of skimmed milk.
196.815. Receptacles defined.
196.820. Receptacles kept clean.
196.825. Return of shipping containers.
196.830. Receptacle cleaned and returned to distributor.
196.835. Penalty.
196.840. Examination and tuberculin test of cattle, when.
196.845. Violation a misdemeanor.
196.851. Applicability--purpose of law.
196.856. Definitions of products subject to law.
196.866. Manufacturer's license required, exceptions--application, fees, investigation--expires when--license withheld or revoked, notice, hearing--judicial review.
196.868. Nonresident manufacturer to obtain broker's license, fee.
196.872. Rules and regulations for minimum sanitation to be established, procedure.
196.881. Samples for analysis to be furnished the department of health and senior services, when.
196.886. Sale regulations--labeling.
196.895. Violation of law a misdemeanor.
196.931. Definitions.
196.933. Certain products exempted.
196.935. State milk inspection required on all graded fluid milk or milk products--pasteurization required, exception.
196.937. Penalty--violation by employee is violation by employer.
196.939. Rules and regulations--inspection by political subdivisions prohibited, exceptions--hearings, notice--rules, procedure.
196.941. State milk board, membership, qualifications, appointment.
196.943. Appointments, when made--authority to act, when--failure of senate to consent, effect of.
196.945. Inspection fee, payable when--hearing and notice before fee established.
196.947. State milk inspection fee fund created--funds, how expended, not to revert to general revenue.
196.949. State inspection of milk or milk products not required, when.
196.951. State milk board official rating agency--survey made, when, how.
196.953. Injunctive relief authorized.
196.955. Valid grade A milk permit holder may continue to sell grade A milk.
196.957. Only one inspection required.
196.959. Appeal from order or regulation of board, how taken.
196.970. Citation of law.
196.973. Definitions.
196.976. Prescription drug repository program established, criteria.
196.979. Donation of prescription drugs to the program, procedure--distribution to out-of-state charitable repositories, when.
196.981. Immunity from civil or criminal liability, when.
196.984. Administrative rules, authority to promulgate.
196.1000. Definitions.
196.1003. Requirements.
196.1020. Definitions.
196.1023. Certification, compliance with tobacco master settlement agreement required--directory listing.
196.1026. Nonresident or foreign nonparticipating manufacturers, requirements.
196.1029. Quarterly reports required, contents--disclosure to attorney general, when--escrow fund required, when--additional information may be required, when.
196.1032. Remedies for violations--distribution of cigarettes prohibited, when--violations, penalty.
196.1035. Judicial review of director's decision not to list--compliance agreement required--rulemaking authority--funds created.
Cross Reference

Joint committee for life sciences created, 21.805 ***

196.1100. Trust fund established, purpose--reversion to general revenue prohibited.
196.1103. Board established--appointment, terms, qualifications, expenses, appointment to life sciences committee not to disqualify for membership on board.
196.1106. Centers to be established--definition--areas in which centers to be established--approval by board--screening committee appointed for each area--rules, powers and duties.
196.1109. Moneys appropriated from trust fund, purposes.
196.1109. Moneys appropriated from trust fund, purposes.
196.1112. Projects for centers to be determined by board, subject to peer review--distribution of funds, amounts authorized.
196.1115. Board's powers, duties and limitation on expenditures.
196.1115. Board's powers, duties and limitation on expenditures.
196.1118. Annual audit by state auditor or private accounting firm--audit available to public--every three years comprehensive report for governor and general assembly, content--audit and report not administrative expense.
196.1121. Reimbursement of costs allowed if four-part test met--institutions or organizations receiving grants or awards to retain title to all inventions, data and discoveries--rulemaking authority.
196.1124. Board members not to be employed by public or private entity receiving financial support from trust fund--conflict of interest guidelines to be developed.
196.1127. Appropriation to board subject to certain requirements.
196.1129. Umbilical cord blood banks, grants awarded, when--eligibility criteria.
196.1130. Rules to become effective, when.

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