Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 201
Children's Special Health Care Needs Service


Rsmo Number Section Description
201.010 Definitions.
201.020. Children's special health care needs service created.
201.030. Functions of children's special health care needs service.
201.040. Children entitled to services free, when--recovery of cost of services, when, how.
201.050. Department of health and senior services to administer children's special health care needs service--duties.
201.060. Plans, rules and regulations for administration of service, adoption, procedure.
201.070. Plans and regulations to conform to federal requirements.
201.080. Federal funds to be transmitted to service.
201.090. Children's special health care needs service fund--state appropriation to--surplus and trust funds invested, how.
201.100. Physicians, nurses and hospitals, compensation limited.
201.120. Records of finances--personal records--personal records privileged.
201.130. Annual report of administrator.

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