Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 204
Common Sewer Districts in Certain Areas


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Consolidation of sewer districts, generally, 249.1100 to 249.1118
On-site sewage disposal systems, regulation, 701.025 to 701.039
Sewer districts formed by county commissions, Chap. 249
204.250. Common sewer districts, where formed--establishment of common sewer subdistrict--submission of question of election by order of court--contents of order--approval, required percentage--notice of election, contents--ballot, form--circuit court may create subdistrict upon petition--petition, contents--boundaries of subdistrict, description by metes and bounds.
204.251. Sewer subdistricts governed by provisions of this chapter.
204.252. Election to incur indebtedness, certification of results--issuance of bonds, ad valorem tax--sinking fund.
204.253. Board of trustees, no power to levy taxes until approval.
204.254. Total amount of bonds limited--form of bonds--registration of bonds.
204.255. Secretary to certify costs--board to levy tax--collection and remittance of tax.
204.256. Powers of board of trustees of common sewer district after creation of subdistrict.
204.257. Advisory board for subdistrict, creation, members--may make recommendations.
204.260. Common sewer commissioners, when appointed, oath, authority, compensation--stenographer and clerk, compensation.
204.270. Report of commissioners, map or plan, where filed.
204.280. Election called by county commissions at direction of circuit court--costs, how taxed.
204.290. District a body corporate and politic, when.
204.300. Trustees, how appointed, qualifications, expenses reimbursement, compensation--registered professional engineer, may employ.
204.310. Advisory board, composition of--not required, when.
204.320. Board of trustees of common sewer districts, powers--board of trustees of certain districts, powers--enforceability of orders--industrial user defined.
204.322. Board of trustees, rules and regulations.
204.330. Board of trustees, duties--agreements as to manner of discharge--disputes, procedure, effect--petition for enforcement of agreement--power to contract--refusal to receive wastes--powers as to operation of facilities--procedural remedies--false reports, penalty.
204.331. Subdistricts, how created--contract powers.
204.332. Subdistricts, how created, alternative method.
204.340. Board to have power of eminent domain--may cross, traverse or follow public highways--restoration at cost of district.
204.350. Contracts let by board on bids, exceptions.
204.355. Extension of boundaries, procedure--ballot form.
204.360. Costs of common sewer district met, how.
204.370. Bonds, issuance on four-sevenths vote--certain counties (Jackson and Cass).
204.375. Sewer districts and water districts may issue joint revenue bonds.
204.380. Bonds issued when, interest rate, redemption period, type, how signed, how sold.
204.390. Revenue bonds, payable how, not an indebtedness of district--information required on face of bond.
204.400. District to charge and collect sufficient revenues.
204.410. Net revenues defined, how expended.
204.420. Board may authorize establishment of various accounts by resolution--may limit issuance of additional bonds and limit rights of holders of such bonds.
204.430. Refunding bonds authorized.
204.440. Charges to be at rate recommended by advisory board, exception.
204.450. Proposition defeated, costs already incurred, paid how--successive elections for bond, authorized.
204.455. Delinquent fees or charges by sewer district to bear interest from due date--lien on land, when--procedure.
204.460. Board may accept grants of funds, material or labor and enter required agreements.
204.470. Local government officials required to perform certain acts and services.
204.472. Sewer service to be provided by agreement for certain annexed areas, procedure (Poplar Bluff, Butler County, counties of the third classification).
204.565. Formation of political subdivision as unincorporated subdistrict--procedure--petition, contents.
204.567. Circuit court shall hold hearing, notice, contents--decree, filing.
204.569. Board of trustees, powers in unincorporated sewer subdistrict--additional powers.
204.571. Authorized representative, advisory board--organization--recommendations.
204.573. Petition for extension of boundaries, contents--public hearing, notice--decree, filing.
204.600. Reorganization permitted, when.
204.602. Proceedings for reorganization, requirements.
204.604. Petition requirements.
204.606. Bonded indebtedness and security interests of creditors, effect of reorganization.
204.608. District a body corporate and politic, when--seal to be adopted--judicial notice of existence, when.
204.610. Trustees, appointment, qualifications, compensation, terms.
204.612. Levy and collection of taxes permitted, when.
204.614. Bond requirements--deposit of district moneys.
204.616. Powers of the board--industrial user defined.
204.618. Surveys and general plan for construction, duty of the board--agreements authorized--contracts permitted--additional powers.
204.620. Acquisition of real and personal property--use of public grounds, when.
204.622. Treatment plants, contracts for--agreements for professional services.
204.624. Costs, how met.
204.626. Issuance of revenue bonds, procedure.
204.628. Fees or charges levied, when due.
204.630. Revenue bonds, duties of district.
204.632. Revenue bonds, net revenues to be pledged.
204.634. Resolution authorizing revenue bonds--accounts.
204.636. Issuance of refunding bonds, when.
204.638. Grants or funds from state or federal government, trustees to accept.
204.640. Courts and officers of political subdivisions to cooperate with district.
204.650. Citation of law--definitions.
204.652. Improvements may be made--issuance of revenue bonds--assessments.
204.654. Establishment of area, procedure.
204.656. Costs apportioned against property.
204.658. Assessments required, roll to be prepared.
204.660. Hearing, procedure--notice to property owners--special assessments.
204.662. Court action, limitation.
204.664. Supplemental or additional assessments permitted, when--reassessment or new assessment required, when.
204.666. Assessment to constitute a lien, when.
204.668. Temporary notes authorized, when.
204.670. Funds required.
204.672. Cooperative agreements authorized, when.
204.674. Inapplicability.
204.700. No fee, charge, or tax to be assessed, when.

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