Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 206
Hospital District Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
206.010 District created, how--territory included--name--powers.
206.020. Petition of voters for district, where filed, contents.
206.030. Notice of hearing on petition--costs of notice.
206.040. Procedure where several petitions filed--amendments.
206.050. If petition sufficient county commission to order election.
206.060. Notice of election--tax levy, maximum tax rate--publication of board's plans required, when.
206.070. Form of ballot.
206.080. Results of election to be entered in county records.
206.090. Election districts--election of directors--terms, qualifications, vacancies, declaration of candidacy--no election, when--abolishing election districts, procedure--election of directors at large.
206.100. Powers of board of directors--first meeting--officers--bylaws--time for meetings.
206.105. Bylaws of board of trustees, contents--applications to practice, contents.
206.110. Powers of hospital district.
206.120. Indebtedness for hospital--election--form of ballot--defeat of proposal, effect--limits--annual tax.
206.122. Revenue bonds authorized, when.
206.124. Revenue bonds not an indebtedness of the issuing authority.
206.126. Revenue bonds, form of, interest rate--to be negotiable instruments.
206.128. Board of directors to prescribe form, make necessary covenants, restrictions--bondholders, remedies of--revenue bonds not to be exclusive method of financing.
206.130. Annexation of territory to district--election--form of ballot.
206.140. Records of district--officers and employees to give bond.
206.150. Board as trustee may accept and hold property donated--duties.
206.157. Excess property, sale of authorized--procedure--proceeds, how used.
206.160. Citation of law.

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