Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 207
Family Support Division and Children's Division


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Administrative rules, regulations, proceedings, Chap. 536
Attorney's fees to be paid by department for appeals for federal supplemental income benefits, when, 208.216
Child support obligation, deduction from unemployment compensation benefits, 288.380
County superintendent of public welfare to act as agent of division of family services, when, 205.880
Educational costs of child placed in facility or program by division, 167.126
Employees of department of social services subject to state merit system law, Chap. 36
Health care assistance payments fraud and abuse, 191.900 to 191.914
Hospital liens, valid as to medical benefit paid public assistance recipients, 430.235
Information to be furnished by financial institutions on applicants or recipients of public assistance, 660.325 to 660.355
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Newborns, voluntary relinquishment of, duties of division, 210.950
Spanking school children, charges of child abuse, duties, 160.261
Subrogation, liens, rights of department as to settlements made to public assistance recipients, 208.215
Supplemental payments not to be reduced when recipient is receiving SSI, 208.030
Toll-free telephone information on health care providers for children on medical assistance, 192.601
207.010 Divisions of department, authority to carry out duties.
207.020. Powers of children's division.
207.021. Rules and regulations, procedure.
207.022. Powers of family support division.
207.030. Director of divisions--oath--bond--removal from office.
207.060. County offices--director--agreements with subdivisions--other employees.
207.070. Department may elect to bring employees under workers' compensation--who deemed employee--rules.
207.080. Law not to create liability or obligation.
207.085. Division employee dismissal, when--mitigating factors.

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