Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 208
Old Age Assistance, Aid to Dependent Children and General Relief


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Chapter Cross Reference
Agricultural relief and rehabilitation, agriculture emergency fund, 261.027
Aid to dependent child, stepparent's income to be considered, 453.400
Background checks required for in-home child care providers receiving state or federal assistance, 210.025
Child support obligation deduction from unemployment compensation benefits, 288.380
Distribution of surplus agricultural commodities and food stamps, 205.960
Family support division to administer public assistance program, 207.010
Estate of recipients, recovery of public aid, 473.398
Food, supplemental program, women, infants and children, 191.807
Health care assistance payments fraud and abuse, 191.900 to 191.914
Hospital liens valid against medical benefits paid to public assistance recipients, 430.235
Information to be furnished by financial institutions on applicants or recipients of public assistance, 660.325 to 660.355
Juvenile, residential group facility, medical assistance, eligibility, 211.490
Medical assistance documentation for children provided to both parents, when, 452.346
Nursing homes, federal reimbursement allowance, 198.401 to 198.439
Old age and survivors insurance for public employees, 105.300 to 105.445
Premature infant health care, MO HealthNet and SCHIPS to focus on, 191.710, 191.711
Senior citizens' services fund property tax, 67.990 to 67.997
Social welfare boards in certain cities, powers and duties, 96.230 to 96.290
Stepparent required to support stepchild, right to recover, 453.400
Support of county poor, authorizing poorhouse, 205.580 to 205.760
Welfare fraud, perjury committed when obtaining public assistance, 570.408
Welfare fraud, telephone hot line operated by attorney general, 660.360
Youth service and conservation corps act, 620.552 to 620.574
208.001. Citation of law--MO HealthNet created--division created--rulemaking authority.
208.009. Illegal aliens prohibited from receiving any state or local public benefit--proof of lawful residence required--temporary benefits permitted, when--exceptions for nonprofit organizations.
208.010. Eligibility for public assistance, how determined--ineligibility for benefits, when--allowable exclusions--prevention of spousal impoverishments, division of assets, community spouse defined--burial lots defined--diversion of institutionalized spouse's income.
208.012. Payments from Agent Orange funds not to be considered income in determining eligibility.
208.013. Restitution payments to victims of National Socialist (Nazi) persecution not income in determining eligibility.
208.015. Persons not eligible for general relief--exception--specified relative, defined--unemployable persons--relief limitation.
208.016. Personal needs allowance to be deducted from resident's income--increase in allowance, when.
208.018. Farmers' markets, SNAP participants, pilot program to purchase fresh food--requirements--sunset provision.
208.020. Eligibility not affected by involuntary conversion of real into personal property for year--receipt defined.
208.022. TANF electronic benefit cards to include photograph of recipient.
208.024. TANF benefits, prohibited purchases, where--definitions--EBT benefit account suspended temporarily, when.
208.026. Citation of law--work activities defined--TANF recipients required to engage in work activity--rulemaking authority.
208.027. TANF recipients, screening for illegal use of controlled substances, test to be used--positive test or refusal to be tested, administrative proceeding--reporting requirements--other household members to continue to receive benefits, when--rulemaking authority.
208.030. Supplemental welfare assistance, eligibility for--amount, how determined--reduction of supplemental payment prohibited, when.
208.040. Temporary assistance benefits--eligibility for--assignment of rights to support to state, when, effect of--authorized policies.
208.041. Children of unemployed parent eligible for aid to dependent children--unemployment benefits considered unearned income.
208.042. Recipients of aid to dependent children to participate in training or work projects--exceptions--refusal to participate, effect of--standards--child day care services authorized.
208.043. Aid to dependent children living with legal guardian who is not an eligible relative, when granted.
208.044. Child day care services to be provided certain persons--eligible providers.
208.046. Child care assistance, income eligibility criteria, vouchers or direct reimbursement, when.
208.047. Aid to dependent children in foster homes or child-care institutions, granted, when--maximum benefits.
208.048. Aid to families with dependent child--school attendance required--rules.
208.050. Aid to dependent children denied, when.
208.053. Low-wage trap elimination act--hand-up pilot program, transitioning of persons receiving child care subsidies--premiums--report--fund created, purpose--rulemaking--sunset provision.
208.055. Public assistance recipients required to cooperate in establishing paternity--assignment of child support rights, when--public assistance defined.
208.060. Applications for benefits, how and where filed.
208.065. Verification of eligibility for public assistance, contract for.
208.067. TANF set-aside minimums for certain programs.
208.070. Applications may be made at county office and shall be investigated--decision--notice to applicant.
208.071. Individualized assessment of applicant--rulemaking authority.
208.072. Application for medical assistance, approval or denial, when--Medicaid payments to long-term care facilities, when.
208.075. Mental or physical examination may be required--evidence admissible at appeal hearing.
208.080. Appeal to director of the respective division, when--procedure.
208.090. Reinstatement and payment of benefits to applicant.
208.100. Appeal to circuit court--procedure.
208.110. Appeals from circuit court.
208.120. Records, when evidence, restrictions on disclosure--penalty.
208.125. Records may be destroyed, when.
208.130. Benefits granted may be reconsidered.
208.140. Grants subject to any change of law.
208.141. Donor human breast milk, hospital eligible for reimbursement, when--rulemaking authority.
208.142. Nonemergency medical treatment, use of emergency department services for, co-payment imposed.
208.143. Veterans medical services, division to determine if applicant for medical assistance is eligible.
208.144. Medicaid reimbursement for children participating in the Part C early intervention system (First Steps).
208.145. Medical assistance benefits, eligibility based on receipt of AFDC benefits, when.
208.146. Ticket-to-work health assurance program--eligibility--expiration date.
208.147. Annual income and eligibility verification required for medical assistance recipients--documentation required.
208.148. Missed appointment fee, when--department to request state plan amendment and waiver request.
208.150. Monthly benefits, how determined.
208.151. Medical assistance, persons eligible--rulemaking authority.
208.152. Medical services for which payment will be made--co-payments may be required--reimbursement for services--notification upon change in interpretation or application of reimbursement--reimbursement for behavioral, social, and psychological services for physical health issues..
208.153. Medical assistance--regulations as to costs and manner--federal medical insurance benefits may be provided.
208.154. Insufficient funds, benefits to be paid pro rata.
208.155. Records concerning applicants and recipients of medical assistance confidential.
208.156. Hearings granted applicants and suppliers of services, when--class action authorized for suppliers, requirements--claims may be cumulative--procedure--appeal.
208.157. Discrimination prohibited--payment refused to provider of medical assistance who discriminates because of race, color or national origin.
208.158. Payments to be made only when federal grants-in-aid are provided.
208.159. Payments for nursing home services, how administered--rules.
208.160. Payment rolls, how prepared--checks and warrants, how issued.
208.161. Inpatient psychiatric hospital services, individuals under age twenty-one--nursing home service, any age, exception.
208.163. Direct payment on request by authorized providers of services.
208.164. Medical assistance abuse or fraud, definitions--department's or division's powers--reports, confidential--restriction or termination of benefits, when--rules.
208.165. Medical assistance, payments withheld for services, when--payment ordered, interest allowed.
208.166. Department to facilitate cost-effective purchase of comprehensive health care, definitions--authority of department, conditions--recipient's freedom of selection of plans and sponsors not limited.
208.167. Nursing home services, amount paid, computation--restrictions waived when, procedure.
208.168. Benefit payments for adult day care, intermediate care facilities, and skilled nursing homes--amount paid, how determined--effective when.
208.169. Reimbursement rate for nursing care services--not revised on change of ownership, management, operation--assignment to new facilities entering program--calculation--determination of trend factor, effect--expiration date of certain provisions.
208.170. Duties of state treasurer--special funds created.
208.171. Effective date of certain sections.
208.172. Reduction or denial of benefits, basis for, restrictions on.
208.173. Committee established.
208.174. Director shall apply for amendment of waiver of comparability of services--promulgation of rules--procedure.
208.175. Drug utilization review board established, members, terms, compensation, duties.
208.176. Division to provide for prospective review of drug therapy.
208.178. Health insurance coverage through Medicaid, eligibility--rules--sunset provision.
208.180. Payment of benefits, to whom--disposition of benefit check of deceased person.
208.181. Expedited eligibility process, pregnant women.
208.182. Division to establish electronic transfer of benefits system--disclosure of information prohibited, penalty--benefits and verification to reside in one card.
208.190. Division to comply with acts of congress relating to Social Security benefits.
208.197. Professional services payment committee established, members, duties.
208.198. Same or similar services, equal reimbursement rate required.
208.201. Mo HealthNet division established--director, how appointed, powers and duties--powers, duties and functions of division.
208.204. Medical care for children in custody of department, payment--division may administer funds--individualized service plans developed for children in state custody exclusively based on need for mental health services.
208.210. Undeclared income or property--benefits may be recovered by division, when.
208.212. Annuities, affect on Medicaid eligibility--rulemaking authority.
208.213. Personal care contracts, effect on eligibility.
208.215. Payer of last resort--liability for debt due the state, ceiling--rights of department, when, procedure, exception--report of injuries required, form, recovery of funds--recovery of medical assistance paid, when--court may adjudicate rights of parties, when.
208.216. Attorney's fees to be paid by department for recipient appeals for federal supplemental security income benefits, when--rules, procedure.
208.217. Department may obtain medical insurance information--failure to provide information, attorney general to bring action, penalty--confidential information, penalty for disclosure--definitions.
208.220. Commissioner of administration may deduct certain amounts from state employee's compensation, when.
208.221. Jurisdiction, administrative hearing commission, procedure.
208.223. Reimbursement for ambulance service to be based on mileage.
208.225. Medicaid per diem rate recalculation for nursing homes, amount.
208.227. Psychotropic medications, access to.
208.230. Public assistance beneficiary employer disclosure act--report, content.
208.238. Eligibility, automated process to check applicants and recipients.
208.240. Statewide dental delivery system authorized.
208.244. Waiver of SNAP work requirements, inapplicable, when--savings used for child care assistance--annual report.
208.247. Food stamp eligibility, felony conviction not to make ineligible, when.
208.250. Definitions.
208.255. Missouri elderly and handicapped transportation assistance program created, purpose.
208.260. Funds appropriated to transportation department, duty to administer--distribution of funds, how determined.
208.265. Rules and procedures, developed by whom, published, where.
208.300. Volunteer program for in-home respite care of the elderly--credit for service, limitation.
208.305. Volunteers or designated elderly beneficiaries needing respite assistance to receive, when, qualifications--paid assistance, when, rate.
208.325. Self-sufficiency program, targeted households--assessments--self-sufficiency pacts, contents, incentives for participation, review by director, term of pact--training for case managers--sanctions for failure to comply with pact provisions, review--evaluation of program--rules--waiver from federal law.
208.337. Accounts for children with custodial parents in JOBS (or FUTURES), conditions, limitations--waivers required.
208.339. Telecommuting employment options, office of administration, division of personnel, duties.
208.341. School programs--postponing sexual involvement--QUEST--rites of passage.
208.342. Earned income tax credit program, AFDC recipients.
208.345. Protocols for referral of public assistance recipients to federal programs.
Cross Reference

Evaluation of JOBS program required, criteria, conducted by whom, contents, 208.325 ***

208.400. Definitions.
208.405. JOBS program established, duties of department.
208.410. Volunteers to be given priority--publicity or recruitment program--persons excused from participation--pretermination hearing required before loss of benefits or services as sanction for nonparticipation--rules and regulations, sanctions.
208.415. Rulemaking authority--assessment and service plan--community work experience program authorized, participation voluntary, when, required when.
208.420. Department to apply for and accept federal funds.
208.425. Welfare reform coordinating committee established.
208.431. Medicaid managed care organization reimbursement allowance, amount.
208.432. Record keeping required, submission to department.
208.433. Calculation of reimbursement allowance amount--notification of Medicaid managed care organizations--offset permitted, when.
208.434. Amount final, when--protest, procedure.
208.435. Rulemaking authority.
208.436. Remittance to the department--deposit in dedicated fund.
208.437. Reimbursement allowance period--notification of balance due, when--delinquent payments, procedure, basis for denial of licensure--expiration date.
Cross Reference

Sections 208.453 to 208.480, expire September 30, 2016. ***

208.453. Hospitals to pay a federal reimbursement allowance for privilege of providing inpatient care, defined--elimination of allowance for certain hospitals.
208.455. Formula for federal reimbursement allowance established by rule--procedure.
208.457. Report annually by hospitals required, content--filed with department of social services.
208.459. Director of department of social services to determine amount of allowance--notification of amount due when--payment may be made in increments--offset by Medicaid payments due hospital on request.
208.461. Protest by hospital, procedure--filed when--hearing--final decision due when--appeal to administrative hearing commission.
208.463. Documents content and form prescribed by rule.
208.465. Balance of reimbursement to be remitted to department of social services payable to department of revenue--federal reimbursement allowance fund created, exempt from lapse provisions--investment earnings credited to fund.
208.467. Reimbursement allowance period, notification of balance due--delinquent when, state's lien against hospital property may be enforced--penalties.
208.469. Tax exempt or nonprofit status granted by state not to be affected.
208.471. Medicaid reimbursement payments to hospitals--FRA assessments--enhanced graduate medical education payments--alternative reimbursement payments to hospital for Medicaid provider agreements or reimbursement for outpatient services, certain limits not to apply to outpatient services.
208.473. Federal reimbursement allowance requirements to apply only as long as federal participation in state's Medicaid program.
208.475. Effective date of allowance.
208.477. Medicaid eligibility, criteria used, effect when more restrictive than FY2003.
208.478. Graduate medical education and enhanced graduate medical education, amount of Medicaid payments--contingent expiration for federal reimbursement allowance.
208.479. Regulations must be provided to interested parties prior to filing with secretary of state.
208.480. Federal reimbursement allowance expiration date.
208.482. Disproportionate share hospital payments, restriction on audit recoupments--expiration date.
208.530. Definitions.
208.533. Commission established--members, qualifications--terms--expenses.
208.535. Commission, duties.
208.600. Citation of law, definitions.
208.603. Department of health and senior services to administer federal program.
208.606. Public education, at-risk elderly, purpose--action steps to be devised, preference for contacts.
208.609. Coordination of existing transportation services--voluntary transportation systems--emergency food services.
208.618. Program to address mental health needs.
208.621. Program, at-risk elderly.
208.624. Invest in caring, model program--intergenerational care and training program.
208.627. Report, delivery of case management services, contents--delivery of report.
208.630. Council on special transportation, coordination of existing transportation reports--compilation, contents, delivery.
208.631. Program established, terminates, when--definitions.
208.633. Eligible children, income limits of parents or guardians.
208.636. Requirements of parents or guardians.
208.640. Co-payments required, when, amount, limitations.
208.643. Rules, compliance with federal law.
208.646. Waiting period required, when.
208.647. Special health care needs, waiver of waiting period for coverage.
208.650. Studies and reports required by department of social services.
208.655. Abortion counseling prohibited, exceptions.
208.657. Rules, effective when, invalid when.
208.658. State children's health insurance information to be provided by child care providers and public schools--rulemaking authority--report.
208.659. Revision of eligibility requirements for uninsured women's health program.
208.662. Program established as CHIPs program--eligibility--coverage--report, content--program not entitlement.
208.670. Practice of telehealth, rules--definitions.
208.671. Asynchronous store-and-forward technology, use of--rules--standard of care.
208.673. Telehealth services advisory committee, duties, members, rules.
208.675. Telehealth services, eligible health care providers.
208.677. Originating site defined.
208.686. Home telemonitoring services, reimbursement program authorized--discontinuance, when--rules.
208.690. Citation of law--definitions.
208.692. Program established, purpose--asset disregard--departments duties--rules.
208.694. Eligibility--discontinuance of program, effect of--reciprocal agreements.
208.696. Director's duties--rules.
208.698. Reports required.
Cross Reference

Tax Credit Accountability Act of 2004, additional requirements, 135.800 to 135.830 ***

208.750. Title--definitions.
208.755. Family development account program established--proposals, content--department--duties--rulemaking authority.
208.760. Eligibility--withdrawal of moneys, when.
208.765. Forfeiture of account moneys, when--death of account holder, effect of.
208.770. Tax exemption, credit, when.
208.775. Independent evaluation--report.
208.780. Definitions.
208.782. Missouri Rx plan established, purpose--rulemaking authority.
208.784. Coordination of prescription drug coverage with Medicare Part D--enrollment in program--Medicaid dual eligibles, effect of.
208.786. Authority of department in providing benefits--start of program benefits, when.
208.788. Program not an entitlement--payer of last resort requirements.
208.790. Applicants required to have fixed place of residence, rules--eligibility income limits subject to appropriations, rules.
208.794. Fund created.
208.798. Termination date.
208.819. Transition grants created, eligibility, amount--information and training developed--rulemaking authority.
208.850. Title.
208.853. Findings and purpose.
208.856. Council created, expenses, members, terms, removal.
208.859. Powers and duties of the council.
208.862. Consumer rights and employment relations.
208.865. Definitions.
208.868. Federal approval and funding.
208.871. Severability clause.
208.895. Referral for services, department duties--assessments and care plans, requirements--definitions--report.
208.900. Definitions.
208.903. Financial assistance for personal care, eligibility requirements.
208.906. Determination of eligibility--personal care service plan to be developed--reevaluation required.
208.909. Responsibilities of recipients and vendors.
208.912. Abuse and neglect reporting--investigation procedures--content of reports--employee disqualification list maintained.
208.915. Misappropriation of consumer's property or funds, report to the department--content of report--investigation procedures--employee disqualification list maintained.
208.918. Vendor requirements, philosophy and services.
208.921. Denial of eligibility, applicant entitled to hearing.
208.924. Discontinuation of services, when.
208.927. Rulemaking authority.
208.930. Consumer-directed personal care assistance services, reimbursement for through eligible vendors--eligibility requirements--documentation--service plan required--premiums, amount--annual reevaluation--denial of benefits, procedure--expiration date.
208.950. Plans required--participant enrollment--survey to assess health and wellness outcomes--health risk assessments required.
208.951. Request for proposals.
208.952. Committee established, members, duties.
208.955. Committee established, members, duties--issuance of findings--subcommittee designated, duties, members.
208.975. Fund created, use of moneys--rules.
208.985. (Repealed L. 2016 S.B. 607 § A merged with S.B. 608 § A)
208.990. MO HealthNet eligibility requirements.
208.991. Definitions--persons eligible for MO HealthNet--rulemaking authority.
208.993. Joint committee on Medicaid transformation established--duties--members--expiration date.
208.1030. Supplemental reimbursement for ground emergency medical transportation--amount--voluntary participation.
208.1032. Intergovernmental transfer program--increased reimbursement for services, when--participation requirements.
208.1050. Fund created, use of moneys.

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