Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 213
Human Rights


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Chapter Cross Reference
AIDS, application of chapter 213 to persons with HIV infection, 191.665
Institutional vandalism and ethnic intimidation, civil actions for damages or injunction, attorney fees and costs, 537.523
213.010 Definitions.
213.020. Commission on human rights created--members, how appointed, terms, vacancies, how filled--functions--local commissions, power and authority.
213.025. Commission members to receive per diem and expenses, when.
213.030. Powers and duties of commission--rulemaking, procedure.
213.040. Unlawful housing practices--discrimination in housing--sufficient compliance with other standards--local government compliance--construction of law--housing for older persons, defined--conviction for controlled substances, effect--religious organizations, effect of.
213.041. Restrictive covenants, homeowners' association--limitations--procedure to delete violative restrictive covenants.
213.045. Discrimination in commercial real estate loans prohibited.
213.050. Discrimination in selling or renting by real estate agencies prohibited.
213.055. Unlawful employment practices--exceptions.
213.065. Discrimination in public accommodations prohibited, exceptions.
213.070. Additional unlawful discriminatory practices.
213.075. Complaints to commission, how filed, when--filing with federal agencies, effect--duties of executive director--respondents--hearing, notice, procedure--attorney general to represent commission--appeal, discovery--effect of orders of commission.
213.076. Notice relating to aiding and abetting, civil action--commencement of action--intervention--relief--authority of commission.
213.077. Settlement and conciliation agreement--restrictions, procedure.
213.085. Decisions of commission--judicial review, when, procedure, venue--enforcement of order--breech of settlement agreement, remedy.
213.095. Violation of a commission order, misdemeanor.
213.101. Construction of statutes.
213.111. Right to civil action, when--relief available--costs and attorney's fees, awarded when.
213.112. Applicability.
213.126. Attorney general to act, when--authorization of civil action--settlement agreement.
213.131. Local commissions, certification--review--decertification.
213.135. Local commissions, power and authority--procedure--public attorney, duties--appeal, procedure--adoption of procedural rules.
213.137. Severability.

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