Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 215
State Housing


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Chapter Cross Reference
Commission assigned to department of economic development, Appendix B(1), RSMo
215.010 Definitions.
215.020. Commission established, members, qualifications, terms, quorum, compensation.
215.030. Powers of commission--rulemaking, procedure.
215.033. Creation of nonprofit corporation authorized, promotion of housing equity funds, purpose--definitions--powers--board, appointment, members, terms, expenses, personnel--report.
215.034. Housing trust fund created, purpose--funding--housing development commission, costs how paid, limitation--duties--fund exempt from lapse into general revenue.
215.036. Housing trust fund to be used for loans or grants for assistance to low-income persons or families--eligible persons.
215.037. Rental project receiving loan or grant to charge required gross rental rate--gross rental rate to include utilities, occupant paying utilities, rent to be reduced by utility allowance--certification by owner, requirements.
215.038. Projects eligible for assistance.
215.039. Housing development commission, powers and duties in administering housing trust fund--report.
215.040. Fees for insuring loans, use of proceeds.
215.054. Mental health housing trust fund, created--transfers to the fund, interest, how used--department of mental health to select projects, commission approval--moneys not to lapse--St. Joseph state hospital proceeds, use of funds.
215.060. Loans made, purchased, when.
215.062. Weatherization loan program, commission to continue.
215.070. Debt service reserve fund--deposits to--investment of.
215.080. Commission to set interest rate.
215.090. Limited dividend approved--mortgagor's earnings limited--net earnings, how computed.
215.100. Commission to regulate amortization period.
215.110. Discrimination prohibited.
215.120. Issuance of bonds or notes authorized.
215.130. Resolution authorizing issue of bonds or notes may provide what.
215.140. Commission members not personally liable on notes or bonds.
215.150. Redemption of notes and bonds.
215.160. Indebtedness limited, exception.
215.170. Default, trustee appointed when, powers of trustee.
215.180. Venue of action, notice, how given.
215.190. Notes and bonds, approved securities.
215.200. Property and obligations of commission tax exempt.
215.210. Services commission may provide for nonprofit corporations.
215.220. Commission funds not to inure to private persons, exceptions.
215.230. Termination or dissolution of commission, effect of.
215.240. Audit, copies, who shall receive.
215.246. Grants or loans not awarded without implementation of certain oversight procedures (Kansas City).
215.250. Repayment of general revenue funds.
215.263. Affordable housing defined, staff to be provided by department of economic development.
215.300. Definitions.
215.305. Law to apply to all multifamily rental housing projects constructed or rehabilitated pursuant to National Housing Act.
215.307. Owners of multifamily housing projects eligible for additional subsidies, when.
215.309. Missouri housing commission to review certain records and develop report on subsidizing multifamily rental housing projects, when--content--plans of action to be provided tenants and public.
215.311. Owners to file request for additional subsidies, form--plan to expand affordability required, content--agreements entered into by commission may include certain incentives.
215.314. Owner obtaining subsidy must agree to certain requirements including rental rates--certification of rent for each subsidy unit and qualification of tenants to be filed, when--tenant's right to petition for lower rent, when.
215.316. Public hearing and consultations required before subsidies granted.
215.318. Agreement to supersede municipal or county ordinances--owners not required to request subsidies.
215.327. Assistance request for multifamily rental units, commission to notify chief elected official of city or county before approval.

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