Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 217
Department of Corrections


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Chapter Cross Reference
AIDS, mandatory testing without right of refusal, when, testing permitted when, 191.659
Bidding for construction of a minimum security correctional facility, 221.500
Children of incarcerated parents, study by children's services commission, 210.875 to 210.877
Complaints filed by incarcerated individuals against certain health care professionals, disposition of records, 332.316, 334.098, 335.068, 337.068
Confidentiality of motor vehicle and driver registration records of county, state or federal parole officers and federal pretrial officers, 32.056
Crime victims' rights, Const. Art. I, Sec. 32
Criminal records, central repository, duty of department of corrections to report certain information to highway patrol, 43.503
Death penalty, duties, 546.720 to 546.750
Death sentence to be executed by warden of penitentiary, procedure, 546.680 to 546.750
Drug abuse educational assessment and community treatment program, 559.630 to 559.635
Educational grants for surviving children of officers and employees killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Escape of accused, crime victims' right to notice, Const. Art I Sec 32
Grievance resolution system, department duty to maintain, 510.125
Inmates, sexual contact with, crime of, penalty, consent not a defense, 566.145
Insurers may not cancel health or dental coverage solely because the insured is incarcerated, 376.821
Interstate compact for adult offender supervision, 589.500 to 589.569
Jury trials not to be held in correctional facilities, 544.275
Legal expense fund coverage, 105.711
Mental illness of prisoner, 552.050
Merit system coverage of employees, exceptions, 36.030
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
Preliminary hearings, certain other procedures may be held in correctional facilities, 544.275
Scholarships or grants for disabled personnel injured or survivors of personnel killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Senate investigator to have access without charge to criminal records, 43.541
Sexual predators, civil commitment, 632.480 to 632.525
Television, closed circuit coverage of prisoners for court appearances, when, requirements, 561.031
Testimony of prisoner in penitentiary, how obtained, 491.230 to 491.270
Tuberculosis testing rules for correctional centers, 199.350
Video tape on prison conditions and young offender, department's duties, 161.203
217.010. Definitions.
217.015. Divisions created--sections authorized--purpose of department--women offender program established, purpose--advisory committee established, membership, purpose.
217.020. Department's powers and duties.
217.022. Prison impact statements, required, when.
217.025. Director of department, appointment, qualifications, bond, duties.
217.030. Directors of divisions and chairman of board of probation and parole, appointment--appointment of general personnel.
217.035. Director's powers and duties--deputy director, appointment, compensation, powers in absence or incapacity of director.
217.040. Rulemaking authority.
217.043. United States government, contract powers of department.
217.045. Federal funds, authority to receive--applications for funds, procedure.
217.050. Department to sue in name of director--interest authorized.
217.055. Volunteer program requirements--coverage as unpaid employees by legal expense fund and workers' compensation--use of state vehicles--expenses.
217.070. State auditor to have access to all records, confidentiality.
217.075. Offender records, public records, exceptions--inspection of, when--access to medical records--copies admissible as evidence--violations, penalty.
217.080. Department and division to maintain central office in Jefferson City.
217.090. Lease of buildings on grounds of correctional centers, when--compatibility with services of department required--procedure--bids required--cost--terms of lease--how executed.
217.092. Leased prison space, deposit of payments.
217.095. Condemnation powers, when, procedure.
217.100. Director may enter into agreement for services to department by other state departments or agencies.
217.110. Workers' compensation to cover all employees of the department.
217.115. Officers and employees, restrictions on business connections--conversion of department property prohibited, exception--violations, grounds for dismissal.
217.120. Bribery or receipt of gifts from prisoners by officers or employees of department, penalty--duty to report, failure, effect--director to investigate and report, when.
217.125. Offenders, labor restrictions.
217.128. Employee held hostage eligible for paid leave of absence.
217.130. Living quarters furnished to employees, fees.
217.135. Food furnished in correctional center, employees to purchase, exception.
217.137. Prisoner transfers by United States treaty with foreign governments--governor's powers--director's duties.
217.138. Construction of correctional centers by private entities for state and political subdivisions--housing of state's offenders in city or county jails, costs.
217.139. Sexual offenders of children, pilot treatment program--costs, how paid--department's duties--annual report.
217.141. Electrified security fence systems authorized.
217.147. Sentencing and corrections oversight commission, members, terms, duties, report, expiration date.
217.160. Division director, power of appointment of certain personnel--qualifications--to be full-time employee.
217.165. Chief administrative officers of each correctional center, appointment.
217.170. Chief administrative officers, duties.
217.175. Rules and regulations, division director's authority to promulgate.
217.180. Annual report of division, contents.
217.185. Reports by chief administrative officers, monthly, to division director, contents.
217.195. Canteen to be established, revenues how spent--inmate canteen fund established, purpose, not to go into general revenue.
217.197. Offender personal property, allowed when--unauthorized property, disposition of.
217.210. Capacity of correctional centers, how determined--emergency assignment.
217.220. Death sentence commutation, admittance to correctional center.
217.225. Federal prisoners, admittance--escapees, how punished--neglect of federal prisoners, liability.
217.230. Health care services for correctional centers.
217.235. Chaplain, appointment or arrangement for religious services.
217.240. Food and clothing of offenders--food deprivation not to be used as punishment.
217.245. Medical excuse from participation in required activities, procedure.
217.250. Offender with terminal disease or advanced age where confinement will endanger or shorten life, report to governor, procedure.
217.255. Compensation of offenders for labor, academic or vocational classes--hours of work, exceptions--payment to state or crime victims' compensation fund, when.
217.260. Earnings of offender, paid when--how used, payment to families, when--department powers.
217.262. Frivolous lawsuits, false testimony, abuse of judicial system by offender--sanctions.
217.265. Visitors, regulation of--clergymen's privileges.
217.270. Probation and parole board to have access to offenders and records, when.
217.275. Carrying letters or writings without authorization prohibited, penalty.
217.280. Firearms may be carried by designated employees--powers of arrest and apprehension.
217.285. Clothing, money, transportation, return of personal property to discharged or paroled prisoners--exception.
217.300. Reception and diagnostic centers for classification of prisoners to be established.
217.305. Delivery of prisoners to correctional centers with certain required information.
217.310. Examination of new prisoners--identification data recorded.
217.315. System of identification, department to establish.
217.320. Identification systems, officers not liable for acts done in enforcing law.
217.325. Identification system mandatory.
217.330. Department to conduct tests--assignment of offender.
217.335. Classification teams, established--appointment, qualifications, duties.
217.337. Schedule of activities, work, and program, adherence to, exemption.
217.343. Emancipation of certain juvenile offenders for certain purposes.
217.345. First offenders--mandatory program--physical separation of offenders less than eighteen years of age--rules--contract for provision of services--evaluation process.
217.350. Transfer of offender, when.
217.355. Education programs established, what included, enrollment required, when.
217.360. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
217.362. Program for offenders with substance abuse addiction--eligibility, disposition, placement--completion, effect.
217.364. Offenders under treatment program, placement, rules--eligibility--use, purpose, availability--failure to complete.
217.365. Offenders not to carry money, exceptions, violations, treated as contraband.
217.370. Discipline and grievance procedures established--chief administrative officer to abide by.
217.375. Administrative segregation, grounds for--review hearing required--records to be kept--access to medical personnel.
217.380. Records of violations and convictions of offenders, information required--disciplinary segregation, hearing, time period.
217.385. Violence or injury to others or property by offender, penalty.
217.390. Escape, defined--penalty.
217.395. Escapee's apprehension--reward may be offered, limitations.
217.400. Furnishing unfit food to offenders, penalty.
217.405. Offender abuse, penalty--employees not to use physical force, exception.
217.410. Abuse of offender, duty to report, penalty--confidentiality of report, immunity from liability--harassment prohibited.
217.412. Autopsy required, when--reports to be maintained by department.
217.415. Disqualification from holding position in correctional facility, when.
217.420. Surgery, general anesthetic not authorized for offender without consent or court order, exceptions, emergencies--treatment against religious beliefs, when allowed.
217.425. Furlough of prisoners, when--time limitations, exceptions--waiver required, when--notice requirements.
217.430. Residential treatment centers and community based sanctions--assignment of offenders--contracts to establish, provisions, locations--payments, how made--inmates fund established, use--regulation of inmates.
217.435. Work or educational release program.
217.437. Work by offenders, not employment, when--benefitting entity immune from suit, exceptions.
217.439. Photograph of offender to be taken prior to release, when--provided to victim upon request.
217.440. Program of restorative justice, requirements.
217.450. Offender may request final disposition of pending indictment, information or complaint, how requested--director to notify offender of pending actions, failure to notify, effect.
217.455. Director of division of adult institutions to transmit information and request.
217.460. Trial to be held, when--failure, effect.
217.465. Escape by offender, effect of.
217.470. Transportation expenses, how paid.
217.475. Director of division of adult institutions to inform prisoner of the law in writing.
217.480. Uniformity of construction.
217.485. Title of the law.
217.490. Agreement on detainers adopted--compact text.
217.495. Appropriate court defined.
217.500. Enforcement and cooperation required of whom.
217.505. Compact not to require application of habitual offender law.
217.510. Escape by offender, effect on.
217.515. Chief administrative officer to deliver offender, when.
217.520. Governor to designate administrator.
217.525. Director authorized to contract with United States for stated purposes.
217.530. Convicted offender not to be transferred to state where wanted for crime.
217.535. Compact adopted--text--contract must comply.
217.540. Powers and duties of director, delegation authorized.
217.541. House arrest program, department to establish and regulate--limited release, when--offenders to fund program--arrest warrant may be issued by probation or parole officer, when.
217.542. Failure to return to house arrest, felony.
217.543. House arrest authorized for certain prisoners--jailer to establish program--remote electronic surveillance allowed--percentage of prisoner's wage to pay cost--violation penalty--(St. Louis City).
Cross Reference

License plates and highway signs, authority to manufacture, 301.290 ***

217.550. Prison industries and services program created--director to administer--approval required--report submitted to director, contents.
217.555. Advisory board, created, members, appointment, qualifications--duties--compensation.
217.560. Enterprise program diversification and purpose.
217.565. Director to provide plants, machinery and materials--distribution of products.
217.567. Director may contract with private entities for employment of inmates--leasing of correctional facility property--wages, director to set policies.
217.570. Sales of prison industry goods and services, procedure--open market sales, when.
217.575. Sales of goods or services to state or political subdivisions--promotion--price--certification of nonavailability required for state purchases, when.
217.580. Catalog of products furnished public officers--institutions to report estimates of needs.
217.590. Violations of sections 217.575 and 217.580, penalty.
217.592. Plasmapheresis program may be established as private enterprise on institution grounds--inmate employment, wages.
217.595. Working capital revolving fund created--source, uses--accounting, audit--transfer to general revenue prohibited.
Cross Reference

Lifetime supervision with mandatory electronic monitoring required for certain sexual offenders, 217.735 *** Tampering with judicial officer includes probation and parole officer, penalty, 575.095 ***

217.650. Definitions.
217.655. Probation and parole board, general duties.
217.660. Chairman of the board to be director--additional compensation.
217.665. Board members, appointment, qualifications--terms, vacancies--compensation, expenses--chairman, designation.
217.670. Decisions to be by majority vote--hearing panel, membership, duties--jurisdiction removal or appeal to board, when--decision to be final--closed meetings authorized--video conferencing.
217.675. Handbook of rules governing conduct of parolees furnished to whom, duties of board.
217.680. Offices, where located--space in correctional centers to be provided for hearings and interviews.
217.682. Secretary to be appointed, duties.
217.690. Board may order release or parole, when--personal hearing--fee--standards--rules--minimum term for eligibility for parole, how calculated--first degree murder, eligibility for hearing--hearing procedure--notice--education requirements, exceptions--rulemaking authority.
217.692. Eligibility for parole, offenders with life sentence, when--criteria.
217.695. Release from custody under supervision of probation and parole, registration with law enforcement officials required.
217.703. Earned compliance credits awarded, when.
217.705. Probation, parole, institutional parole, officers--appointment--duties.
217.710. Firearms, authority to carry, department's duties, training--rulemaking procedure.
217.718. Alternative to revocation proceedings, period of detention, requirements.
217.720. Arrest of person paroled or on conditional release--report--procedure--revocation of parole or release--effect of sentence--arrest of parolee from another state.
217.722. Probation officers, power to arrest, when--preliminary hearing allowed, when--notice to sentencing court.
217.725. Board may parole prisoner held on warrant.
217.730. Parole time as time of imprisonment, exception--final discharge--procedure to register to vote.
217.735. Lifetime supervision required for certain offenders--electronic monitoring--termination at age sixty-five permitted, when--rulemaking authority.
Cross Reference

Ineligible for parole if convicted of tampering with witness or victim, 575.270 ***

217.750. Probation services provided to circuit courts, when.
217.755. Probation services for courts, rules authorized.
217.760. Probation and parole officers furnished to circuit courts, when--presentence and preparole investigations--requirements.
217.762. Presentence investigation, required, when--victim impact statement, prepared when, contents.
217.777. Community corrections program alternative for eligible offenders, purpose--operation--rules.
217.785. Postconviction drug treatment program, established, rules--required participation, completion--institutional phase--report.
217.800. Pardons by governor--conditions and restrictions--notice to central repository.
217.805. Governor may remit fine or forfeiture.
217.810. Interstate compact for supervision of parolees and probationers.
217.825. Citation of law.
217.827. Definitions.
217.829. Assets to be listed by prisoners on form under oath--failure to comply, effect--department to request assignments.
217.831. Director to report to attorney general on offender's assets and cost of care--attorney general's power to investigate and seek reimbursement, when.
217.833. Percent of offender's assets that may be used for reimbursement--limitation.
217.835. Jurisdiction, certain circuit courts--service--hearing--support obligations of offender to be considered--court order to reimburse, when.
217.837. Legal remedies authorized to protect assets of prisoner--execution against homestead of prisoner prohibited--state's claim to have priority.
217.839. Attorney general's powers and duties--assistance by certain officials required.
217.841. Costs of investigation, how paid--deposit of reimbursement--fund, created--state treasurer, duties.
217.900. Missouri state penitentiary redevelopment commission created--qualification of members--no elected official may serve, chairperson appointed by governor.
217.903. Terms of commission--vacancies, how filled--members to serve without compensation, expenses to be paid.
217.905. Powers and duties of commission--authority to hire employees and set salaries--state not liable for deficiencies or debts of commission--Missouri state penitentiary commission deemed a state commission.
217.907. Income and properties owned by commission exempt from state taxes.
217.910. Missouri state penitentiary redevelopment commission fund created.

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