Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 221
Jails and Jailers


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Construction of facilities by private entities, notice required, 217.138
Identification system for prisoners, requirements, 217.310 to 217.325
Inmates, sexual contact with, crime of, penalty, consent not a defense, 566.145
Jails and courthouses, erection of, where, 49.310, 71.300
Jails, county, use of by city, 479.180
Jails, special charter cities of 10,000 or less may establish, 81.090
Money or property found on prisoner to be taken by sheriff upon commitment, use, 542.300
Officer executing extradition warrant may confine prisoner in county jail, 548.121
Persons confined without warrant entitled to release, when, rights of prisoner, 544.170
Prisoners of the state may be housed and maintained in city and county jails, costs, 217.138
St. Louis City, house arrest program, jailer's duties, 217.543
Special terms of court for trial of prisoner, when, 545.850, 545.860
Testimony of prisoner, how obtained, 491.230 to 491.270
Workhouses in towns and cities, confinement in, 546.880, 546.890
221.020 Sheriffs to be jailers, exception, Clay County.
221.025. Electronic monitoring permitted, when--credit of time against period of confinement.
221.030. Coroner to be jailer, when.
221.040. Sheriff and jailer to receive prisoners--penalty for refusal--medical exams required.
221.044. Persons under seventeen may not be confined in adult jails, exceptions--commitment to juvenile detention facilities, when.
221.050. Separation of prisoners.
221.060. Prisoners to have certain privileges.
221.070. Prisoners liable for cost of imprisonment--certification of outstanding debt.
221.080. County commission to bear certain expenses.
221.095. Private jails, defined--reports of possible criminal violations required--missing prisoners, requirements.
221.097. Private jails--prisoners to be confined separately, when--health care services, adequate care required--limitation on contracts with private jails.
221.102. Canteen or commissary in county jail authorized--revenues to be kept in seperate account--fund created.
221.105. Boarding of prisoners--amount expended, how fixed, how paid, limit.
221.111. Delivery or concealment on premises of narcotics, liquor, or prohibited articles, penalties--visitation denied, when--personal items permitted to be posted.
221.120. Medicine and medical attention for prisoners, definitions.
221.122. Repayment for medical care to be term of probation, parole or conditional release.
221.130. Contagious disease--certification of physician--order for removal.
221.150. Shackling of prisoner, how paid.
221.160. Criminal costs, how paid.
221.170. Prisoners, leave from jail, when--compensation earned on leave, how applied--three-fourths rule (certain cities and counties).
221.230. Jail of another county to be used, when.
221.240. Sheriff to take prisoners before circuit court.
221.250. Failure of sheriff to comply with section 221.240--penalty.
221.260. Commitment from another county, expenses, how paid.
221.270. Jailer to receive and keep United States prisoners.
221.280. Penalty for failure to receive and keep United States prisoners.
221.290. United States to pay for use of jails.
221.300. Grand jury to visit jail, when.
221.310. Humane treatment of prisoners.
221.320. Board of visitors--appointment--terms.
221.330. Organization of board.
221.340. Duties of board.
221.350. Board to make yearly report.
221.353. Damage to jail property, class E felony.
221.400. Regional jail districts may be established, procedure, contents, holding of prisoners.
221.402. Regional jail districts, powers.
221.405. Commission--members, vacancies, budget.
221.407. Regional jail district sales tax authorized, ballot language--special trust fund established--expiration date.
221.410. Powers, duties.
221.415. Director, duties--salary.
221.420. Use of regional jail, purpose--county may keep its own jail.
221.425. Regional jail district solely liable for its debts--income exempt from state taxes.
221.430. District income, distribution upon dissolution.
221.500. Construction bids for a minimum security facility--commissioner of administration to contract with.
221.503. MULES to be notified of escape of a dangerous felon from certain jails and detention facilities, when, information to be included.
221.510. Pending outstanding warrants in MULES and NCIC systems, inquiry conducted, when (Jake's Law).
221.515. Jailers authorized to serve arrest warrants on inmates--jailers may carry firearms, when--escaped prisoners, power of jailer to arrest.

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