Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 230
County Highway Commissions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Certain officials not to be sales agent for road tools or materials, penalty, 229.090, 229.200
Special road and bridge fund, special tax, how levied, collected and disbursed, 137.554 to 137.600
230.010 County highway commission--members to receive expenses.
230.020. County highway commission--appointment.
230.030. Power and duties of the county highway commission.
230.040. Location of county highway to be submitted to state highways and transportation commission for approval.
230.050. Type of county highways.
230.060. County highways to be under control and supervision of county highway commission.
230.070. Commission to have absolute jurisdiction and control over county highway system roads.
230.080. Commission empowered to employ technical and other help.
230.090. County commission may contribute additional money.
230.100. Commission to make reports to county commission.
230.110. Commission to transfer county highway to state transportation department, when.
230.200. Alternative form authorized in certain counties.
230.205. Alternative form effective, when--abolished how.
230.210. Petition, where filed, contents--form of ballot.
230.215. Clerk to certify returns.
230.220. Commission membership, districts--members, election of--compensation and mileage, funds used for--vacancies, how filled.
230.225. Township and special road districts abolished, when--districts in more than one county, how handled.
230.230. Powers of commission.
230.235. Road plan, who shall prepare--approval by state highways and transportation commission required.
230.240. Highway engineer--qualifications, exception--appointment, powers--free service to municipalities--compensation from road and bridge fund (third class counties).
230.245. Priority of roads by usage.
230.250. County highway commission may designate certain roads as part of supplemental state highway system--state highways and transportation commission to approve.
230.255. Twenty-five percent refund of road and bridge tax to cities, towns and villages required.
230.260. Special named district in two or more counties, effect of.

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