Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 234


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bridges over navigable streams to be part of state highway system, when, 227.080
Cities of the fourth class may issue bonds for erection or purchase of bridges, 95.405
Missouri-Illinois bridge commission transferred to department of transportation, 226.007
Private bridge corporations, organization and powers, 351.035 to 351.045
Special road districts in certain counties may build bridges, 233.115
Tennessee-Missouri bridge commission transferred to department of transportation, 226.007
Weight limits, certain counties may set, procedure, 304.010
234.010. County commission to determine what bridges to be built.
234.020. County engineer to supervise certain construction.
234.030. Damaged bridges, how repaired.
234.040. Road districts to repair bridges, when.
234.050. Toll bridges, how controlled.
234.060. Taxpayers may petition for bridge, when.
234.070. Construction of bridge in adjoining county.
234.080. Bridge across stream uniting two counties, how paid for.
234.090. Bridges across state line--payment of expenses.
234.100. Cities and counties may contract for free public highways over bridges, procedure.
234.110. Counties may issue bonds.
234.120. Authorizing payment of bonds by special assessment--procedure.
234.130. Cities may increase indebtedness, how.
234.140. City and county may pay proportionately, when.
234.150. Condemnation of property for public use, proceedings.
234.160. Toll bridges in two counties permitted, when, where.
234.170. Toll bridges may be built, how.
234.180. Toll bridge to be part of state highway system.
234.190. May join with other states to secure bridge--contract--bonds.
234.200. Commission may accept title and ownership of bridge, when--obligation.
234.210. Acquisition of toll bridges, by whom.
234.220. Toll bridge revenue bonds--who may issue--manner.
234.230. Highways and transportation commission may contribute to cost--amount.
234.240. Acquisition of land, by whom.
234.250. Bridges to be toll-free, when.
234.260. Revenue and refunding bonds, how redeemed--interest rate.
234.270. Bonds, how sold or exchanged.
234.280. Maturity date may be extended.
234.290. Bonds may be called--notice to be given.
234.300. Expenses, how paid.
234.310. Certain cities empowered to acquire, construct, operate and maintain bridges.
234.320. Condemnation proceedings.
234.330. Existing rights not impaired.
234.340. Cities having 100,000 population and over--power and authority.
234.370. Commissioners--appointment and qualifications.
234.380. Terms of commissioners.

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