Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 235
Street Light Maintenance Districts


Rsmo Number Section Description
235.010 Street light maintenance districts (first class counties).
235.020. Purpose of district--location.
235.030. Petition for organization, contents.
235.040. Petition may be amended--filing fee.
235.050. Notice to be published, when.
235.060. Protesting petition.
235.070. County commission to declare district organized--election to ratify organization--board of directors, how selected.
235.080. County commission findings and orders to be filed, where.
235.090. Board members to qualify, how--bonds.
235.100. Selection of officers--seal--duties of secretary.
235.110. Treasurer's bond--financial statement.
235.120. Attendance fee--expenses--power of removal.
235.130. Board meetings--quorum--vacancies, how filled.
235.140. Election of new board members, when.
235.150. Powers--authority and privileges of board.
235.160. Power of taxation.
235.170. Board to fix rate of taxation.
235.175. Increase of tax rate--election--form of ballot--maximum rate.
235.180. Board to certify rate of levy to county commission.
235.190. Taxes to be levied and collected as other taxes.
235.200. Property to be sold for delinquent taxes--manner.
235.210. Boundaries of district may be altered to include new territory--annexation, procedure.
235.220. Boundaries may be altered to exclude certain territory, how.
235.230. Property subject to taxation.
235.240. Annexation of district by municipality.
235.250. Dissolution of district, election for, when required--form of ballot.
235.260. Dissolution of district, when--procedure.
235.270. Appointment of trustee to liquidate district.

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