Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 236
Dams, Mills and Electric Power


Rsmo Number Section Description
236.010 Dams across nonnavigable streams--who may erect.
236.020. Owner of land on one side of stream may erect dam.
236.030. Petition to be filed in circuit court--contents.
236.040. Additional information to be set out.
236.050. Petition, where filed.
236.060. Writ of ad quod damnum.
236.070. Duty of sheriff in executing writ.
236.080. Acre of ground to be set apart, when.
236.090. Proprietor to be notified of the inquest.
236.100. Sheriff and jury may act in adjoining county.
236.110. Inquest to be in writing.
236.120. Proceedings on return of inquest.
236.130. Issues to be tried as in civil cases.
236.140. Costs, how adjudged.
236.150. Court may order new writ.
236.160. Court may enter order to erect dam, when.
236.170. Court shall include in its order, what.
236.180. Privilege to erect subject to certain conditions.
236.190. Land decreed for mill privileges to revert, when.
236.200. Height of dam, how increased.
236.210. Inquest not to bar right of action, when.
236.220. Power of court to prevent erection of dam.
236.230. Dams without chutes declared nuisances.
236.240. Dams deemed public nuisances, when.
236.250. Forfeiture of rights, when.
236.255. Dam reconstructed and maintained when used for other purposes.
236.260. Privilege to construct dam to cease, when.
236.270. Penalty for building without permission.
236.280. Right to divert stream through tunnel--conditions.
236.400. Definitions.
236.405. Employment of engineer and assistants--records--rulemaking, procedure.
236.410. Council established--members, terms, qualifications, officers--meetings--quorum--compensation--report.
236.415. Council's powers and duties--public hearings required--adoption of rules and regulations, procedure.
236.420. Inspection of dams and reservoirs, when--report on conditions.
236.425. Chief engineer's duties--search warrants--council to hear certain appeals.
236.430. Employees, council to provide for.
236.435. Permits required, when, procedure to obtain--chief engineer to make recommendation--exemptions--plans to be filed.
236.440. Owner to notify council, when--council to issue safety permit--registration of existing dams, when--violations.
236.445. Permit may be suspended--alteration or removal may be required--violation.
236.450. Removal or repair of abandoned dam--recovery of expenses.
236.455. Emergency action authorized.
236.460. Transfer of ownership, notice required.
236.465. Industrial water retention structures subject to provisions of sections 236.400 to 236.500--inspection--changes.
236.470. Conduct of hearings--subpoenas--approval of final orders.
236.475. Immunity of officers.
236.480. Judicial review of actions--administrative review required--interpretation of administrative actions.
236.485. Water rights preserved.
236.490. Enforcement of act.
236.495. Legal actions for enforcement available, procedure.
236.500. Penalties.

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