Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 237
Barges, Ferries and Wharves


Rsmo Number Section Description
237.010 Ferry not to be kept without license.
237.020. Application for license.
237.030. Tax on license.
237.040. License issued, when.
237.050. Bond required.
237.060. Licenses granted by clerks in vacation.
237.070. Continuation of licenses.
237.080. License granted without tax, when.
237.090. License may be revoked.
237.100. Keeping ferry without license, penalty.
237.110. Liable to action for damages.
237.120. Ferriage--rates fixed by county commission.
237.130. Ferriage, when tendered.
237.140. Rates posted.
237.150. Failure to post rates, penalty.
237.160. Good boats and sufficient hands to be kept.
237.170. Penalty for neglect.
237.180. Number of licenses not limited.
237.190. Exclusive privilege granted, when.
237.210. Cities may lease wharf.
237.220. Suit on bond.
237.230. Penalties, how recovered.
237.240. Limitation.
237.400. Interstate compact for barge traffic development on the Missouri River with Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska.

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