Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 238
Transportation Districts and Transportation Corporations, Special Projects


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Kansas City area transportation authority district transferred to department of transportation, 226.007
Sales and use tax, exemption, 144.030
Sovereign immunity not applicable, when, 537.600
238.010. Compact between Missouri and Kansas--powers and duties of authority.
238.020. Compact, when binding, where filed.
238.030. Authority may apply for approval of Congress.
238.040. Tax status of property and securities of authority.
238.050. Securities of authority recognized as lawful investments.
238.060. Commissioners, appointment, terms.
238.070. Qualifications of commissioners.
238.080. Compensation and expenses of commissioners.
238.090. Powers and duties of commissioners.
238.100. Additional powers and duties of commissioners.
238.200. Citation of law.
238.202. Definitions.
238.205. Purpose of district--district to be political subdivision.
238.207. Creation of district, procedures--district to be contiguous, size requirements--petition, contents--alternative method.
238.208. Annexation of property adjacent to a transportation district, procedure--removal of property, procedure.
238.210. Hearing, how conducted--opposition to district, how filed--appeals, how.
238.212. Notice to public, how.
238.215. Election, when--ballot, form of--results.
238.216. Election procedure, duties of court--application for ballot, contents--mail-in elections, affidavit form, procedure--unanimous verified petition submitted, when--results entered, how.
238.217. Costs of petition process, how paid.
238.220. Directors, election of, how, qualifications--advisors, appointed when, duties.
238.222. Powers of board, generally--officers, meetings, expenses--quorum--notification of organization to state auditor.
238.225. Projects, submission of plans to commission, approval--submission to local transportation authority, when--exemption.
238.227. Funding mechanisms authorized--deposits with commission or authority, purpose.
238.230. Special assessments, vote required--election, ballot form--petition form--effect of failure of question.
238.232. Property tax, vote required--election, ballot form--collection of tax.
238.233. Collection of revenues.
238.235. Sales tax, certain districts, exemptions from tax--election, ballot form--procedures for collection, distribution, use--repeal of tax--not considered economic activity tax.
238.236. Sales tax for transportation development district on all retail sales authorized--ballot form, content--rate of tax collection--fund created, lapse to general revenue prohibited--distribution--procedure to repeal tax.
238.237. Toll roads, allowed when--election, ballot form.
238.240. Indebtedness, authorized--bonds, authority to issue--limitations.
238.242. Revenue bonds, authorized--procedures, requirements--refunding bonds--tax-exempt status.
238.245. Property, district may purchase and control access.
238.247. Condemnation, subject to commission or authority approval, ordinance of local governing body--procedures--relocation expenses to be paid, how.
238.250. Contractual powers.
238.252. Powers--generally.
238.255. Insurance, district may obtain--purposes--self-insurance not allowed, exception.
238.257. Projects, number of, changes--procedures, election required, ballot form.
238.260. Commission and authority may provide assistance, how.
238.262. Rules, commission may adopt.
238.265. Conveyance of property to district, how.
238.267. Projects, regulation of--treatment as part of state or local system, when.
238.270. Local transportation authority not to control project improvements, exception.
238.272. Audit authorized, when--costs, payment of.
238.275. Projects, transfer to commission or authority, when--abolishment of district, procedures, duties.
238.280. Posting of increase in sales tax, when.
238.300. Citation of law.
238.302. Definitions.
238.305. Purpose of law.
238.307. Corporation, creation of, purpose--organization, nonprofit--tax-exempt status.
238.310. Formation, procedures, requirements--hearing, duties of commission--approval, when.
238.312. Articles of incorporation, contents, amendment--filing.
238.315. Board, members, terms--expense reimbursement--advisors, commission to appoint--officers, appointment of.
238.317. Bylaws, adoption and approval.
238.320. Project plans, commission approval of.
238.322. Funding mechanisms, allowable--deposits with commission, purpose.
238.325. Fees, tolls and charges, allowed when, enforcement authority--relocation of highways and roads, authority.
238.327. Indebtedness authorized--bonds, may be issued.
238.330. Revenue bonds, authorized--procedures, requirements--refunding bonds--tax-exempt status.
238.332. Property, corporation may purchase and control access.
238.335. Condemnation, subject to commission approval--procedures--relocation expenses to be paid, how.
238.337. Contractual powers.
238.340. Powers--generally.
238.342. Indemnification of directors, employees.
238.345. Commission may provide assistance, how.
238.347. Rules, commission may adopt.
238.350. Projects, regulation of--treatment as part of highway system, when.
238.352. Transfer of project to commission, when--dissolution of corporation, required when--procedures.
238.355. Dissolution by commission, procedures, limitations.
238.357. Dissolution by board, procedures.
238.360. Articles of dissolution, execution of--secretary of state to issue certificate, when.
238.362. Toll enforcement, authority--toll assessment and collection, methods--notice to be posted near toll facility.
238.365. Infraction for violation of toll collection regulation--report, admissibility, photo is rebuttable presumption, multiple vehicle owners.
238.367. Procedures to collect tolls and issue traffic citation for toll violation, report of violation.
238.400. County first class transit authority created--members, appointment, qualifications.
238.402. County first class transit authority--powers, generally.
238.404. County first class transit authority--powers with respect to bi-state development agency.
238.406. Instruments issued by transit authority to be recognized as securities.
238.408. Property held by transit authority--status for purposes of taxation.
238.410. Transit authority sales tax--election, ballot language, amendment of tax, requirements--director of revenue, duties--trust fund established--surety bonds required--delinquent taxes, procedure.
238.412. Certain public officials prohibited from award of government funds.

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