Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 241
Swamplands, Islands and Abandoned Riverbeds


Rsmo Number Section Description
241.010. Reclamation of swamplands by counties.
241.020. Duty of governor and secretary of state as to lists and plats.
241.030. Secretary of state to act as swampland agent--his duties.
241.040. Governor to relinquish title to certain lands, when.
241.050. Duty of treasurer.
241.060. Expenses, how paid.
241.070. Compensation of persons appointed to designate lands.
241.080. Title to be conveyed by patents.
241.090. Preparation of patents.
241.100. Lands hereafter patented to be also conveyed.
241.110. County recorder to record patents.
241.120. Patents to be evidence of title.
241.130. Construction of this law.
241.140. County recorder to be lawful custodian.
241.150. Control over patented lands vested in county commissions.
241.155. County commission may employ counsel, when.
241.160. Sale of public lands by county commission--procedure.
241.170. County commissions may cancel contracts, upon conditions.
241.180. Cancellation of contract when process cannot be served, how.
241.190. Insufficient title cause for cancellation.
241.200. Power to cancel discretionary with commission.
241.210. Lands may be resold, when--conditions.
241.220. Issuance of patent, how.
241.230. Errors in description, how corrected.
241.240. Net proceeds of sales to county school fund.
241.250. Drainage and reclamation commissioners, appointment, duties.
241.260. County commissions may borrow money, how.
241.270. Landowners may protest, when--proceedings.
241.290. Abandoned riverbeds and islands granted counties for schools.
241.291. Mississippi and Missouri River islands to conservation commission or park board, exceptions--to county, when.
241.300. Future abandoned riverbeds and islands granted counties.
241.309. Counties may sell land, how--proceeds, how used.
241.310. Lands may be sold, how--disposition of proceeds.
241.311. Land to be auctioned to highest bidder.
241.320. Lands to be surveyed, how.
241.330. Limitation against counties.
241.340. County commission may employ surveyors and attorneys.

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