Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 242
Drainage Districts Organized in Circuit Court


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Consolidation with districts organized by county commission, effect, laws governing, 243.475
Drainage district may contract and cooperate with subdivisions for common service, 70.210 to 70.325
Drainage districts organized by county commissions may be consolidated or reorganized in county court, 243.450, 243.475
Flood plain management, drainage districts subject to, when, 49.600, 64.001
General provisions relating to all drainage and levee districts, Chap. 246
242.010. Owner defined--delegation of representation and voting rights.
242.020. Formation of drainage districts.
242.030. Notice of application--form.
242.040. Objections--procedure.
242.050. Annexation of land to organize district.
242.060. Consolidation of adjacent districts.
242.070. Reorganization of districts.
242.080. Reorganized districts--articles of association.
242.090. Notice of reorganization hearing--form.
242.100. Procedure after notice of reorganization.
242.110. Records and funds delivered to secretary of board.
242.120. Liability of reorganized district--consolidation.
242.130. Extending time of corporate existence.
242.140. Drainage district may be dissolved, when.
242.150. Election of board of supervisors.
242.160. Election of supervisors--electors.
242.170. Vacancy resulting from void election--how filled.
242.180. Supervisors to take oath.
242.190. Supervisors--powers and duties.
242.200. Board to elect president and secretary--report--compensation.
242.210. Secretary-treasurer of board--annual audit--warrants, form.
242.220. Chief engineer and assistants--appointment--duties.
242.230. Engineer's annual report--adoption of plan for reclamation--supplemental plans authorized.
242.240. Filing of reclamation report--appointment of commissioners.
242.250. Organization of commissioners--duties of secretary of board of supervisors.
242.260. Commissioners to inspect district and assess benefits and damages--file report.
242.270. Notice of commissioners' report--form--publication.
242.280. Exceptions heard and determined by circuit court--procedure.
242.290. Court to declare corporation dissolved--costs not to exceed benefits.
242.300. Decree or order of court may be amended or changed.
242.310. Amendment of plan of reclamation procedure--appointment of commissioners.
242.320. Assessed damages paid before appropriating land.
242.330. Board of supervisors--powers, contracts--duties of chief engineer--state or federal aid.
242.335. District may contract with political subdivisions or other districts for outlets--costs determined, how.
242.340. Board of supervisors may amend plan for reclamation--limitations.
242.350. Bridges over drainage works--how built or enlarged.
242.360. Embankments to be raised at expense of owner.
242.370. Existing drains may be connected.
242.380. Board may appoint overseers--duties.
242.390. Board of supervisors to employ attorney--duties.
242.400. Board to provide for compensation of employees and fees of officers.
242.410. Board may remove any officer or employee.
242.420. Board to keep record of proceedings.
242.430. Tax levied by board for cost of organization.
242.440. Cost of organization, how paid.
242.450. Organization of commissioners--duties of secretary of board of supervisors--additional tax levy, when.
242.460. Levy of annual installment of tax--form of tax certificate.
242.470. Additional drainage tax levy, when.
242.480. Issuance and payment of bonds--treasurer, duties.
242.485. Additional bond issue authorized, when--form of ballot.
242.490. Levy of maintenance tax--procedure.
242.492. Processing fee authorized for certain assessed tracts, amount.
242.500. Petition for reassessment of benefits--appointment of commissioners.
242.502. Supervisors to levy tax on readjusted benefits--levy, how determined.
242.504. Supervisors may issue bonds, limitation on.
242.506. Supervisors may levy new tax--procedure.
242.510. Districts organized prior to April 8, 1905--tax levy.
242.520. Districts organized prior to April 8, 1905--limitation on indebtedness.
242.530. Districts formed prior to April 8, 1905, may proceed as heretofore.
242.540. Collection of drainage tax.
242.550. Collector--failure to pay tax, penalty.
242.560. Current and delinquent taxes--collection--procedure.
242.570. Payment of drainage tax--procedure.
242.580. Drainage tax, when delinquent--penalty.
242.590. Drainage tax to constitute a lien--certification of drainage tax record.
242.600. Suits for taxes--evidence--procedure.
242.610. Action instituted against whom--notice filed, effect.
242.620. Protection of drainage district lien.
242.630. Unpaid warrants to draw interest.
242.640. Surety bonds payable to district.
242.650. Change of venue limitation.
242.660. Action not to abate by reason of death of party.
242.670. Limited appeal from assessments.
242.680. Existing rights not affected by sections 242.010 to 242.690.
242.690. Prior remedies not impaired by sections 242.010 to 242.690.
242.692. Major district and minor district defined.
242.694. Petition for annexation by minor district--service.
242.696. Acceptance or rejection of petition--notice--objections, hearing, decree--transfer of records and property.
242.698. Appeal.
242.699. Construction--applicability.
242.700. Drainage district may be formed on land containing mineral deposits.
242.710. Reclamation of mineralized lands.
242.720. Survey and reclamation plan--how made--exceptions.
242.730. Pumping tax--levy, collection and use--contracts with landowners.
242.740. Issuance and registration of bonds.
242.750. Credit for additional pumping operations.

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