Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 243
Drainage Districts Organized in County Commission


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Chapter Cross Reference
Flood plain management, drainage districts subject to, when, 49.600, 64.001
General provisions relating to all drainage and levee districts, Chap. 246
243.010 Definitions.
243.020. County commission authorized to organize drainage districts.
243.030. Petition to be filed--bond required.
243.040. County commission to appoint counsel.
243.050. County commission to appoint engineer and viewers--qualifications and duties.
243.060. Time of hearing to be published--form of notice.
243.070. Remonstrance may be filed--judgment, effect.
243.075. Dissolution of district, when, how.
243.080. Location of improvement--report to contain data as to cost.
243.090. Report to be filed, when--landowners may be heard--vacancies, how filled.
243.100. Limitations for assessment of benefits.
243.110. Notice of filing of report to be published--form.
243.120. Exceptions to report--appeal to circuit court--procedure--new notice to be published, form.
243.130. Condemnation of additional land.
243.140. Lands lying outside district may be annexed, when--proceedings.
243.150. Taxes to be levied against county-owned swamplands, how paid.
243.160. Authority to complete improvements in county commission--powers of procedure.
243.170. District engineer to be appointed--duties--bond required.
243.180. Engineer to let work--bidders to give bond--county commission to approve--contractor liable in default.
243.190. Engineer to issue certificate of acceptance, when--provisions for payment of claim.
243.200. Provisions for necessary construction or enlargement--when owned by corporation other than county--bridge to become part of highway, when.
243.210. Provisions of this chapter applicable to old channels or sloughs.
243.220. Repairs and improvements, how made--hearing when cost exceeds maintenance fund--form of notice.
243.230. County commission procedure after hearing.
243.240. County commissions to maintain efficiency and have management and control.
243.250. Lateral ditches--drains--may be connected--provisions--penalty for violation.
243.260. Districts may contract with other districts for outlets--costs determined, how.
243.270. Drainage district may contract to furnish drainage for cities and towns.
243.280. Equipment may be leased or rented--provisions.
243.290. County commission to levy tax to pay preliminary expense.
243.300. County commission to levy tax on benefits assessed--form of county clerk's schedule.
243.310. Permanent drainage tax record shall be kept--method--additional levies.
243.320. Public roads and railroads to pay benefits.
243.330. Maintenance tax, how apportioned--commission may purchase equipment--cost apportioned, how.
243.340. Privilege to pay drainage tax in full.
243.350. Apportionment of annual installments--drainage tax book, form--taxes due, when.
243.360. Drainage tax--collector to furnish bond.
243.370. Drainage taxes constitute a lien--court action when delinquent--proceedings--evidence.
243.380. Surplus funds, how used.
243.390. Drainage district bonds--provisions for issuance.
243.400. County commission authorized to pledge bonds--manner.
243.410. County treasurer to be custodian of district funds--duties.
243.420. Fees for services.
243.430. Claims for fees, how paid.
243.440. Drainage proceedings to be recorded--method.
243.450. All or portions of districts may reorganize and consolidate under sections 242.010 to 242.690.
243.460. Notice to be published--form--jurisdiction of circuit court.
243.470. Objections to petition for consolidation may be filed--proceedings.
243.475. Consolidation of district organized by circuit court and district organized by county commission, effect--laws governing.
243.480. Failure or refusal of official to perform duty--penalty.
243.490. County collector liable, when--penalty.
243.500. Validity of bonds issued unquestionable.
243.510. Suits to be brought in name of state.
243.520. Appeals--procedure.
243.530. Chapter declared remedial in character and purpose.
243.540. Penalty for violation of provisions of chapter.
243.550. Petition for reassessment of benefits, form--procedure for maintenance levy or for a new tax to pay costs of plan for reclamation.
243.551. County commission to appoint three viewers, qualifications, duties--report, procedure--readjustment of benefits limited to once a year--payment may be by installments.
243.553. Installments payable, when.
243.560. Bond issues authorized, amount--rate--payable when--county treasurer to sell--cost, not obligation of county.
243.561. County commission to appropriate money to pay principal and interest on bonds--money collected to be deposited in separate fund, purpose.
243.563. Proceeds of assessment insufficient to pay principal and interest on bonds, procedure--funds derived from bond sale, purpose.

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