Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 244
Private Drainage Rights


Rsmo Number Section Description
244.010 Drainage for agricultural or sanitary purposes.
244.020. Disagreement on drainage methods--petition circuit court.
244.030. Filing of objections--hearing by court--appointment of commissioners.
244.040. Duties of commissioners.
244.050. Notification of commissioners' report--filing of objections.
244.060. Confirmation or rejection of report--payment of costs.
244.070. Limitation on improvements--dismissal of case, when.
244.080. Appeals from circuit court decision.
244.090. Disagreement on manner of construction--petition circuit court.
244.100. Rights of owners after construction.
244.110. Compensation--appointment of special commissioners and surveyor.
244.120. Amendment of petition--rights of landowner.
244.130. Penalty for obstructing ditch--inspection of lands without owner's consent.

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