Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 245
Levee Districts


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Chapter Cross Reference
Flood plain management, levee districts subject to, when, 49.600, 64.001
Levee district having lien on land may redeem same from tax sale, when, 140.380
Political subdivisions may contract with each other for common services or facilities, 70.210 to 70.320
Provisions relating to all drainage and levee districts, Chap. 246
245.010. Definitions.
245.015. Owners may form levee district, where--articles of incorporation to be filed in circuit court.
245.020. Circuit clerk to give notice by publication--form of notice--mailing required.
245.025. Objections to incorporation heard--court decree filed with secretary of state and county recorder.
245.030. Adjacent districts may consolidate--petition, hearing and decree.
245.035. Time of corporate existence may be extended.
245.040. Districts may reorganize.
245.045. Districts reorganized to receive all benefits--reorganization articles of association to be filed with circuit court.
245.050. Notice of reorganization hearing.
245.055. Procedure.
245.060. Election of board of supervisors--term of office.
245.065. Improper election of board of supervisors--court to declare vacancies--new election called.
245.070. Board of supervisors to call annual meeting and election--owners of land benefitted entitled to vote.
245.075. Supervisors to take oath.
245.080. Organization of board--to make annual report--compensation.
245.085. County clerk and treasurer to deliver records and moneys of district to secretary of board.
245.090. Secretary of board to be ex officio treasurer--board to audit books annually and publish financial statement.
245.095. Powers and duties of supervisors.
245.100. Chief engineer appointed--duties.
245.105. Chief engineer to make report--supervisors to adopt plans and supplemental plans for reclamation.
245.110. Secretary of board to file copy of plan with circuit clerk--commissioners appointed.
245.115. Organization of board of commissioners.
245.120. Commissioners to inspect district and assess benefits and damages--report to be filed.
245.125. Property owners notified of commissioners' report by publication--form of notice--mailing required.
245.130. Exceptions to commissioners' report heard and determined.
245.135. Court to declare corporation dissolved if costs exceed benefits.
245.140. Plan of reclamation may be changed--procedure.
245.145. Damages assessed must be paid before appropriating land.
245.150. Board to construct works--may let contracts for construction.
245.155. Embankments on right-of-way to be raised at expense of owner to conform to district levee.
245.160. Board to employ attorney.
245.165. Board to keep record of proceedings--open to inspection.
245.170. Board to provide for compensation of employees and fees of officers.
245.175. Board to levy tax to pay cost of organization.
245.180. Board to levy tax, when--new tax authorized, when--tax, how levied--secretary to prepare levee tax record.
245.181. Additional bonds authorized, when--meeting, votes how cast--form of notice--notice, how given.
245.185. Annual installment of tax to be levied--when due--form of certificate of tax.
245.190. Board may make additional levy of tax.
245.195. Board may levy maintenance tax--unprotected lands not taxable.
245.196. Annual benefit fee, how levied, amount.
245.197. Readjustment of benefits, when--levy of new tax for carrying out supplemental plan--notice, how given--form of notice--lists, where filed.
245.198. Tax levy, when--emergency levy of ten percent.
245.199. Additional bonds authorized when--how issued.
245.200. County collector of revenue to collect levee tax--to give bond to board of supervisors.
245.205. Secretary of board to extend and certify levee tax to collector-treasurers--duties of collector-treasurer--county collector-treasurer to collect delinquent taxes.
245.210. Levee tax delinquent December thirty-first--penalty.
245.215. Levee tax to constitute a lien--how evidenced--acquisition of lands, duty to satisfy outstanding liens, limitation.
245.220. Tax book to be prima facie evidence--suits for taxes brought in circuit court.
245.225. Suits and notices to be filed in recorder's office against last record owners.
245.230. Board may issue bonds--how funds are to be used.
245.235. Unpaid warrants to draw interest.
245.240. Surety bonds to be made payable to district.
245.245. Board to appoint inspectors--duties and powers of inspectors.
245.250. County collectors--penalty for failure to pay over tax, fee for collection of tax.
245.255. Change of venue.
245.260. Action not to abate by reason of death of party.
245.265. Appeal not to act as supersedeas.
245.270. Liability of reorganized district.
245.275. Procedure in dissolving levee district.
245.280. Sections construed--existing rights not to be affected.
245.285. Defining the term levee districts--applicable to districts now organized or which may be organized.
245.290. County commissions may establish levee districts.
245.295. Districts may be formed at regular meetings of governing body.
245.300. Notice to be given--mailing required.
245.305. Lands subject to overflow may be included in levee district.
245.310. Extending levees and levee districts.
245.315. Existing levee districts may organize under this law.
245.320. Change of organization to be submitted to an election.
245.325. Simple majority to decide election.
245.330. Effect of reorganization of old districts.
245.335. Board of directors of levees appointed by county commission.
245.340. Oath of directors.
245.345. Board to organize.
245.350. Majority of board a quorum.
245.355. Duties of president and secretary.
245.360. Pay of directors.
245.365. Board to determine what work is necessary.
245.370. Work to be let to lowest bidder.
245.375. Contractors to give bond.
245.380. Board to supervise work.
245.385. Board to secure right-of-way.
245.390. Board to act with United States agencies.
245.395. Board to publish statement of work done.
245.400. Board may change location of levee.
245.405. Levees may be used as roadbeds and roadbeds may be used as levees.
245.410. Duty of railroads, when levee passes along embankment.
245.415. Railroads to continue levee.
245.420. Landowner may continue levee to railroad grade and recover costs--notice to be given.
245.430. Private roadways to have approaches.
245.445. Board to assess levee fund tax.
245.450. Assessment of overflowed lands.
245.455. Lands to be entered on book for that purpose.
245.460. Levee assessment books returned to whom--meeting of landowners.
245.465. County board of equalization to have jurisdiction over lands.
245.470. Landowners to determine work to be done.
245.475. Board to order rate percent levee assessment--annual installment payments.
245.480. Additional taxes for enlarging and strengthening levee.
245.483. Construction or improvement of levees to protect lands in other districts--procedure--costs, how paid.
245.485. Additional tax may be ordered when costs exceed estimates.
245.490. Board may borrow money.
245.495. Board may issue warrants.
245.500. Form of warrants.
245.505. Sinking fund moneys may be invested.
245.515. County treasurer to be treasurer of board.
245.520. Compensation of engineers and other officers and employees.
245.525. Herding livestock on levee prohibited.
245.530. Penalty for failure of road overseers to keep road crossings in repair.
245.540. Commissions may appropriate swamplands.
245.545. Circuit judge to give penal sections in charge to grand jury.

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