Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 246
Provisions Relating to All Drainage and Levee Districts


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Johnson grass, duties of district, 263.261
Multinational banks, securities and obligations of, investment in, when, 409.950
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan associations, investment in authorized, 369.194
Special charter cities under 10,000 may incur indebtedness for construction and maintenance of levees, 81.120
246.005. Extension of time of corporate existence--reinstatement period for certain districts.
246.010. Formation of subdistricts.
246.020. Officers and witnesses, compensation for services.
246.030. Fees of county and circuit clerks.
246.050. Fees of county treasurer.
246.060. County warrant laws apply to district warrants.
246.063. Reduction or cancellation of assessed benefits where improvement nullifies benefits, procedure.
246.067. Cancellation of benefits against lands divided into city lots, when.
246.070. Drainage or levee districts may issue tax anticipation warrants, procedure.
246.080. Limitation on tax anticipation warrants.
246.090. Form of notice of meeting.
246.100. Tax anticipation warrants, contents.
246.110. Form of tax anticipation warrants.
246.120. Secretary to keep record of warrants issued.
246.130. Board to levy maintenance tax to pay warrants.
246.140. District authorized to buy lands.
246.150. Lands to remain subject to district taxes.
246.160. Issuance of refunding bonds, general provisions.
246.165. Investment of surplus funds, when--approved investments.
246.170. Districts may conform to federal law in refunding, extending time of payment.
246.180. Prescribed duties enforced by mandamus.
246.190. Court to appoint guardian ad litem.
246.200. Supports for bridges, where placed--penalty for violation.
246.260. Penalty laws not to prevent construction of water gates.
246.271. County and city levee system to protect streets, roads and public facilities may be constructed and operated--bonds authorized.
246.275. Public levee district may be established by any county, procedure--powers of governing body--no power of taxation.
246.277. Loans authorized for political subdivision located in disaster area of 1993--terms.
246.283. Authority to cooperate with other entities to develop bike trails.
246.285. Approaches for roadway to be built, when.
246.300. Voting by representation authorized, when, certain districts.
246.305. Alternative levee district, certain counties--voting rights--apportionment of taxes, board may adopt procedure.
246.310. Inapplicability of certain law regarding abeyance of water and sewer assessments.

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