Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 247
Public Water Supply Districts


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Chapter Cross Reference
County planning commission (certain counties) to approve improvements, 64.010 to 64.200
Public treatment works responsible for public sewers, when, exceptions, 249.1000
Water contamination, crime of, penalty, 577.078
247.010. Formation of public corporations.
247.020. Districts to be political corporations, numbered.
247.030. Territory included in district, contiguous--boundaries of districts, how changed--extension or enlargement of district, how.
247.031. Detachment from district, when--procedure--costs--petition form.
247.035. Sewer treatment facilities, construction and operation, when--procedure.
247.040. Formation of public water supply district--procedure.
247.050. Powers of public water supply districts.
247.060. Board of directors--powers, qualifications, appointment, terms, vacancies, how filled--elections held, when, procedure--attendance fee--suspension of members, when.
247.070. Organization of board, when.
247.080. Board--further powers.
247.085. Board may contract for water supply with city, when--publication of notice--sale of property, use of funds.
247.090. Board--quorum.
247.100. Duties of officers of board.
247.110. Board to fix rates and charges--delinquencies to create lien, when--procedure.
247.120. Board--estimation of tax levy--county commission to levy tax.
247.130. Power of districts--bond elections.
247.140. Issuance of current revenue bonds, when.
247.150. Bonded indebtedness, how refunded--refunding bonds, conditions imposed.
247.160. Mains and equipment conveyed to city, when--conditions.
247.165. Water service to annexed territory, agreement may be developed, procedure.
247.170. Detachment of part of district included in city--conditions--procedure--election.
247.171. Proportion of sum of all outstanding bonds and debts, calculation.
247.172. Written territorial agreements for sale and distribution of water--commission may designate boundaries--approval of commission, hearings--rights of suppliers not a party to agreement--complaints, hearings, authority of commission--fees.
247.180. Elections in district, when, procedure--not required, when--vacant post, how filled.
247.200. Rights of districts.
247.210. Condemnation of property--procedure.
247.215. District which purchases water may convey property to water company--procedure--election--liquidation of district.
247.217. Consolidation, procedure, petition, notice--subdistricts, how formed--election--directors, terms, eligibility--property, how handled.
247.220. Dissolution of district--procedure--election--disposition of property and debts.
247.227. Real estate subdivision with approved installation of water line, certain districts not to refuse water (Jackson County).
247.228. Public water supply districts and cities owning a waterworks to be notified of water service inquiries, when, contents.
247.230. Purpose of law.
247.240. Metropolitan water supply districts, limits.
247.250. Proceeding to incorporate, where filed--power of court.
247.260. Organization of district, procedure.
247.270. Contents of petition.
247.280. Deposit for costs.
247.290. Hearing, when--notice by publication.
247.300. Exclusive jurisdiction of court--property-owning judge not disqualified.
247.310. Petition--effect of defect--amendment--supplemental petition.
247.320. Protesting petition, where filed, contents.
247.330. Dismissal of petition, when--costs--no appeal--effect of dismissal.
247.340. Declaration of district organization.
247.350. Election to approve incorporation--procedure, form of ballot--rate of tax--directors.
247.360. Force of final order.
247.370. Records relating to incorporation, where and how filed--fees.
247.380. Members of board--oath--bond.
247.390. Organization of board--seal.
247.400. Treasurer--bond--financial statement--fiscal year.
247.410. Board--compensation--removal.
247.420. Meetings of board, quorum, vacancy--annual audit.
247.430. Election of directors.
247.440. Powers of board.
247.445. Sewage treatment facilities, construction and operation--procedure to establish petition to circuit court, content--user fee authorized.
247.450. Levy taxes--collection.
247.460. Levy, how made--limitations on levy.
247.470. Certification of levy to county commission--election on increased rate.
247.480. Approval of rate at election--certification.
247.490. Rate to be sufficient to pay principal and interest on bonds.
247.500. Collection of taxes--interest and penalties--lien of taxes.
247.510. Collection of delinquent taxes.
247.520. Boundaries of district, how changed.
247.530. Owner may petition for exclusion of property from district--procedure.
247.540. Certain property subject to taxes.
247.550. District may borrow money--procedure.
247.560. General obligation bonds--tax levied before issue.
247.570. Special revenue obligation bonds--revenues pledged before issue.
247.580. Bonds, when payable--interest, execution--denomination.
247.590. Issuance of current revenue bonds, when--execution.
247.600. Elections in district.
247.620. Petition for dissolution of district, contents, where filed--submission of question.
247.630. Election on question of dissolution--effect--procedure if question approved.
247.640. Effect of dissolution--appointment of trustee.
247.650. Defective notice, when given.
247.660. Cases involving validity of organization, when heard.
247.670. Sale of water outside district prohibited.
247.673. (Transferred 2005; now 247.228)

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