Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 248
Sanitary Drainage Districts--Cities Over 300,000 Inhabitants and Adjoining Counties


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Public treatment works responsible for public sewers, when, exceptions, 249.1000
Sewer district liquidator, powers and duties, 249.670 to 249.700
248.010. Establishment of sanitary drainage districts--petition, by whom made--petition contents.
248.020. Sanitary district--commission to determine boundaries, general provisions.
248.030. Report of commissioners.
248.040. Election on organization of sanitary district.
248.050. General powers of district--judicial notice--costs of proceedings.
248.060. Procedure where drainage area is in two counties--what court has jurisdiction.
248.070. Trustees--appointment--removal--employees.
248.080. Powers of board.
248.090. Surveys and plans--adoption thereof.
248.100. Right-of-way through private property--proceedings.
248.110. Bids for work contracts.
248.120. Special drainage tax--drainage fund.
248.130. Issuance of bonds--sinking fund--appeal.
248.140. Issuance of vouchers, for what purposes.
248.150. Who may construct sewers and drains--plans approved by trustees.
248.160. Sanitary drainage of subdistrict--special tax bills.
248.170. Trustees may accept sewers or drains constructed by private persons.
248.180. Board of trustees to cease to exist, when.
248.190. Duties of certain public officers.
248.200. Construction of chapter.

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