Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 249
Sewer Districts in Certain Counties


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Chapter Cross Reference
Drainage, levee or other special improvement district may redeem lands on which has been issued a collector's certificate of purchase, 140.380
On-site sewage disposal systems, regulation, 701.025 to 701.059
Sewer district generally, construction, extension, maintenance and financing of sewerage systems, Chap. 250
Sewer districts formed by circuit courts, Chap. 204
249.010. Sewer district organization--petition for.
249.020. Determination of population.
249.030. Location of sewer district.
249.040. Sanitary engineer--appointment, oath, duties, reports, contents.
249.050. Notice of hearing.
249.060. Objections heard and determined by court--may alter boundaries--costs to include what--effect of incorporation.
249.070. Election on incorporation--notice.
249.080. Form of ballot for election to incur indebtedness.
249.090. Trustees--bonds issued--tax for interest and sinking fund.
249.110. Tax levy to be authorized by voters--election expenses, how paid.
249.120. Bonds--denominations--interest--registry--deposit of funds.
249.130. Taxes levied, when and how.
249.132. Extension of district boundaries, procedure--sanitary engineer appointed--report of findings.
249.134. Hearings on proposed extension, notice--election, when ordered--decree of extension entered.
249.136. Indebtedness authorized--limitations--election required.
249.138. Resubmission of indebtedness question after rejection--second resubmission on order of court.
249.140. Trustees, qualifications, election, term.
249.150. Biennial elections.
249.160. Organization of board of trustees.
249.170. Two trustees may make decision.
249.180. Vacancies, how filled.
249.190. Failure of trustee to qualify--compensation of trustees.
249.200. Trustees to furnish bonds.
249.210. Trustees shall maintain record of proceedings.
249.220. Trustees may promulgate rules and regulations.
249.230. Trustees to employ an attorney.
249.240. Trustees to provide for payment of salaries, fees.
249.250. Unpaid warrants to draw interest.
249.255. Public sewer district lien for unpaid charges--disconnection of services.
249.260. Trustees to appoint engineer--adoption of sewer plan.
249.270. Purchase of maps.
249.290. Board may construct and maintain system--not limited to plan on estimates of engineer.
249.300. Sewage disposal plants.
249.310. Trustees charged with maintenance of system.
249.320. Appropriation of land.
249.330. Bids for improvement contracts.
249.340. Contractual procedure and work specifications.
249.350. Payments on contract--inspection of work.
249.360. Subdivision of district.
249.370. Powers of board of trustees after adoption of plans.
249.380. Detailed plans of lateral system made and filed by engineer.
249.390. Election in subdistrict for issuance of bonds.
249.395. Funding or refunding bonds authorized--how paid.
249.400. Rental charges from abutting property owners.
249.410. Delinquent rental charges to bear interest.
249.420. Additional lateral sewers in subdistrict.
249.422. Fee imposed to repair lateral sewer service lines for certain residential property and in certain counties--condominiums responsible for proportionate share--ballot form--special account established for fees collected.
249.423. Collector may add fees for repair of sewer lines to tax bills of property owners--powers and duties.
249.424. Lateral sewer line repair, annual fee authorized--submitted to voters, ballot language--fee may be added to general tax levy bills.
249.425. Metropolitan sewer district, design-build contracts authorized, procedure--exemption.
249.430. Definitions.
249.440. Incorporation of sewer districts by county commission--powers of county commission.
249.450. Number of petitioners required--district created by county commission, corporate powers.
249.451. Certain counties may assign operation of sewer district to any common sewer district which lies totally or partially in county, procedure (Jackson, Cass, St. Louis and all first classification counties).
249.460. Sewer engineer appointment--duty to advise county commission.
249.470. Districts to be established by resolution of commission--countywide sewer districts, when.
249.480. Resolution to be published--hearing of protest.
249.485. Sewer district to be separate entity not part of county commission, exception.
249.490. County commission may alter district boundaries.
249.500. Joint sewers may be established by county commission.
249.510. Contract bids.
249.515. County commission's powers--treatment system, violations--compliance period--failure to comply, penalty.
249.520. Contractor's bond--apportionment of costs--assessments--tax bills.
249.530. Construction without contract.
249.540. Right of condemnation--right to enter private land to survey--sewer lines across unplatted land, expense of construction and restoration.
249.550. Assistants employed by sewer engineer.
249.560. Apportionment of expenses--regulation of connections--contracts with municipal corporations.
249.565. Violation of section or regulation, misdemeanor.
249.570. Connection of previously constructed sewers.
249.580. Special tax bills.
249.590. Record of special tax bills.
249.600. County not liable for errors.
249.610. Sewer tax bill record--inquiries about taxes--payments.
249.620. Collector shall pay holder of tax bill.
249.630. Procedure of recording payments.
249.640. Special assessment for maintenance and administration--exception, unplatted lands, when--interest to be paid, when--tax lien against property authorized.
249.645. Charges for sewer service, how computed--notice, hearing--delinquency, interest from due date--lien on land authorized--priority of lien--discontinuance of service.
249.650. Suits to collect taxes.
249.660. Legal aid--how secured.
249.663. Dissolution of district when obligations paid--disposition of assets.
249.665. Incorporated cities excluded from district, when.
249.666. Assets of district within city to vest in city--city assumes liabilities--disposition of district funds.
249.667. Powers of county commission as to city property if district bonds issued.
249.668. County commission of certain counties to appoint trustees--term, responsibilities, powers--vacancies--compensation.
249.670. Liquidator--appointment--oath--bond--powers and duties.
249.680. Liquidator to have full charge of district.
249.690. Court defined.
249.700. Compensation of liquidator and counsel.
249.710. Penalty for nonpayment of tax fixed--prior inconsistent laws repealed.
249.720. Abatement of accrued penalties for delinquency.
249.730. Court costs not taxed, when.
249.740. Court costs may be abated, remitted or not taxed.
249.750. Suits dismissed, when--winding up affairs, discharge of liquidator.
249.761. Definitions.
249.763. Incorporation of district--petition--bond.
249.765. Notice of proceedings.
249.767. Objections, who may file, disposition--filing and recording decree of incorporation.
249.770. First election of supervisors--terms.
249.773. Election of supervisors--terms--vacancies, how filled.
249.774. Board members for sewer districts, appointment, terms, vacancies.
249.775. Oath of supervisors.
249.777. Rights and powers of district--board of supervisors to manage--treatment system violation, period to comply--failure to comply, penalty.
249.780. Organization of board, quorum, monthly meetings--officers and employees--annual audits.
249.783. Duties of officers.
249.785. Charges for sewage disposal--delinquency--interest due when--lien on land authorized.
249.787. Estimate of expenses--tax levy, how collected.
249.790. Debt may be incurred, procedure.
249.793. Board may issue current revenue bonds.
249.795. Refunding bonds, how issued.
249.797. Revenue bonds, issuance--effect on fees and charges.
249.800. Revenue bonds may be issued without election, when, notice, procedure--election required, when.
249.803. Owner and occupant both liable for sewerage charges.
249.805. Refunding of revenue bonds.
249.807. Extension of boundaries of district, procedure.
249.810. Dissolution of district, procedure.
249.820. Certain municipalities may adopt ordinances necessary for compliance with law--enforceability--industrial user, defined.
249.822. Agreements as to location and manner of discharge--refusal to receive waste--operation and maintenance of facilities, powers--procedural remedies--false statements, penalty.
249.900. Sewer district may by amended decree construct, maintain and operate a public water supply, requirement, procedure.
249.925. Definitions.
249.927. Sewage or storm water facility improvement district, certain city and counties may issue general obligation bonds, purpose--issue assessment against property to pay for improvements.
249.929. Sewage or storm water facility improvement district, procedure to establish--election, ballot form--governing body to adopt resolution, content.
249.931. Boundaries of district, how set.
249.933. Maintenance costs, assessment may be levied and collected after period for assessment of property has expired.
249.935. Assessment for cost of improvement, how calculated--governing bodies may establish by resolution methods for assessing benefits.
249.937. Plans and specifications, acceptance by governing body, resolution ordering assessment against property benefitted by improvement.
249.939. Plans, specification and assessment role filed with city or county clerk--notice--publication, content--hearing to be held--notice mailed to assessed property owners.
249.941. Hearing held to consider proposals, plan may be amended--governing body may order, by resolution, improvement project.
249.943. Construction of improvement completed, final cost computed--governing body to assess final cost or amount of general obligation bonds.
249.945. City or county clerk's duty to mail notice to property owners of assessment--payment may be made in installments--first payment due, when--interest rate, limitation--how collected.
249.947. Cause of action to set aside assessment, time limitation.
249.949. Assessment to be a lien on property.
249.951. Temporary notes may be issued by governing body to pay cost of improvements--general obligation bond shall be issued to pay off notes.
249.953. Separate account created for each project--balance in fund after project paid for, effect--refund to property owner, when--assessment reduced, when.
249.955. Amount of bonds and temporary notes, limitation not to exceed ten percent of assessed valuation of taxable tangible property.
249.957. Tax and special tax bills in certain sections applicable to sewer and storm water facility improvement districts.
249.1000. Publicly owned sewer treatment works, responsible for whole sewer system, when--exceptions.
249.1100. Consolidation of sewer districts permitted, when, procedure.
249.1103. Public hearing to be held prior to election for consolidation of sewer districts.
249.1106. Ballot language for consolidation of sewer districts--submission of question to voters in both districts simultaneously.
249.1109. Combining of original districts after consolidation approved.
249.1112. Board of directors, members, terms, vacancies, expenses.
249.1115. Powers, privileges and duties of original districts retained after consolidation.
249.1118. Dissolution procedure.
249.1150. District authorized, opt out procedure, powers--resolution may be adopted by county commission for service by district--board of trustees, members, terms--maintenance plan required, when--property tax levy, ballot form--termination of tax, procedure (Barry, Christian, Douglas, Greene, Ozark, Stone, Taney, Webster, and Wright counties).
249.1155. Septic systems to be maintained or pumped every five years--proof submitted--fee.

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