Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 250
Sewerage Systems and Waterworks--City or District


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
On-site sewage disposal systems, regulation, 701.025 to 701.039
Public treatment works responsible for public sewers, when, exceptions, 249.1000
250.010. Authority to construct and maintain sewerage system--sewerage system defined.
250.020. Combined waterworks and sewerage system--authority for.
250.025. City board of public works may manage combined system, when.
250.030. Ordinance combining waterworks and sewerage system to be adopted.
250.040. Cost of system, how financed by cities.
250.050. Cost of system, how financed by sewer district.
250.060. Bonds may be issued--vote required--election--form of ballot--annual tax to be levied.
250.070. Revenue bonds--election--vote required--form of ballot.
250.080. Revenue bonds--ordinance or resolution authorizing--contents--interest--maturity--signing--sale price.
250.090. Revenue bonds--how payable.
250.100. Revenue bonds to improve or extend for particular locality--how payable (cities).
250.110. Revenue bonds to improve or extend for particular locality--how payable (districts).
250.120. Revenue bonds--rates charged to be sufficient to pay principal and interest.
250.130. Revenue bonds--amount of net revenue pledged to payment of principal and interest.
250.140. Services deemed furnished both to occupant and owner of premises--payment delinquency, notice of termination sent to both occupant and owner of premises--applicability--unapplied-for utility services, defined.
250.150. Revenues to be kept separate--order of payments--records--transfers.
250.160. Ordinance authorizing revenue bonds--classification of accounts.
250.170. Action by bondholder against city or district for neglect of duty.
250.190. Services outside corporate limits--rates.
250.200. Rates and charges when city and district systems overlap.
250.210. Sewer districts may contribute funds to city, when.
250.220. Two or more municipalities may cooperate to furnish services.
250.230. City may contract with industrial establishment to abate stream pollution.
250.231. Powers to operate waterworks or sewerage system--rules and regulations, authority.
250.232. Cities having power of condemnation for sewers and waterworks also to have right to enter private lands for surveying.
250.233. Charges for sewer services--notice and public hearing required.
250.234. Delinquent payment for sewer service, interest due, when--lien against land authorized.
250.236. Termination of water services for nonpayment of sewer charges, allowed when.
250.240. Purpose of law.
250.250. Construction of law.

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