Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 251
Community Affairs, Planning and Development


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Department of community affairs abolished, see Reorganization Act of 1974, Appendix B
Transfer of duties, 226.007, 620.010, 660.010
Youth service and conservation corps act, 620.552 to 620.574
251.010 Department created.
251.020. Definitions.
251.030. Functions of department.
251.032. Payments to regional planning commissions, how made--limitation.
251.034. Matching funds required--limitation on state funds.
251.036. Application for funds, how made--approval of governor required.
251.038. Regional planning commission to include certain state senators and representatives--expenses, how paid.
251.040. Department may require reimbursement from political subdivisions.
251.050. Director, appointment, compensation.
251.060. Duties of director.
251.070. Department to implement older Americans act.
251.080. Director may delegate his duties, structure department, appoint committees.
251.090. Powers of department.
251.100. Office of department to be in Jefferson City.
251.110. Biennial report to be submitted.
251.120. Interference with other state agencies or local governments not intended.
251.140. Transfer of duties and funds of office of state and regional planning.
251.150. Short title.
251.160. Definitions--creation, procedure--change in boundaries, certain commission, consent of governor required.
251.170. Department official state planning agency--powers and duties.
251.180. Projects covered.
251.190. State office, functions and powers.
251.200. Governor may assign state office additional duties.
251.210. State office annual report.
251.220. Source of matching funds.
251.230. State office to assume certain functions formerly performed by division of commerce and industrial development.
251.240. State office in Jefferson City.
251.250. Regional commissions--membership--terms--qualifications.
251.255. Regional planning commission deemed political subdivision--retirement system eligibility.
251.260. Expenses of regional commission members.
251.270. Regional commission officers--meetings--records.
251.280. Regional commission may employ executive secretary, employees, consultants.
251.290. Regional commission may appoint advisory group--expenses of advisory members.
251.300. Regional commission, powers and duties--functions advisory only.
251.310. Regional commission annual report, to whom made.
251.320. Regional plan, contents.
251.330. Plan to be filed--hearing--notice.
251.340. Adoption of plan.
251.350. Certification of plan to local governmental units.
251.360. Selection of sites for facilities included in regional plan.
251.370. Adoption of plan by local governmental units--hearing--notice.
251.380. Authorized planning units may contract with federal, state, or local governments.
251.390. Regional commission may accept funds.
251.400. Regional commission budget--apportionment of costs to local units.
251.410. Regional commission may be compensated for unique services.
251.420. Regional commission may accept payment in kind from local units.
251.430. Local units may withdraw from jurisdiction of regional commission--hearing--notice.
251.440. Dissolution of regional commission, procedure.
251.470. Citation of law.
251.473. Definitions.
251.476. Missouri main street program, established--purposes.
251.479. Techniques to be employed by program.
251.481. Plan, development of, contents of--pilot cities.
251.483. Duties of department of economic development.
251.485. Missouri main street program fund, created--uses of fund--fund not to lapse.
251.500. Definitions.
251.505. Economic development district, established, how, purpose--board established, how.
251.510. Powers of board.
251.600. Citation of law.
251.603. Definitions.
251.605. District may be established--board, members, how appointed.
251.610. Powers of the board.
251.615. Sales tax authorized, ballot language--deposit of tax revenue, use of moneys--abolishment of tax, effect of--annual report, contents--severability clause.
251.618. Incremental tax financing permitted, when--county assessor duties--tax rates, determination of.
251.621. Plan required, contents--findings required.
251.624. Termination of incremental tax financing, when, procedure.
251.627. County clerk to annually ascertain amount of value of taxable property in the district.
251.630. Issuance of bonds, purpose--refunding--interest exempt from state taxation.
251.650. Securing of grants, departments to collaborate--consultation with private entities permitted--report to general assembly.

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