Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 252
Department of Conservation--Fish and Game


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Air quality, nonattainment areas, carbon emissions, implementation impact report, submitted with other departments, 640.090
Conservation commission created, powers and duties, Const. Art. IV §§ 40(a) to 46
Construction, repairs, improvement projects, movable equipment, furniture, architectural or engineering fees, permitted when, 8.310
Educational grants for surviving children of officers and employees killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Highways, roadways, rights-of-way, plants, shrubs, removal or sale penalties, agents duties to enforce law, 229.481
Interagency plans with department of natural resources, 640.030
Migratory bird reservation, consent of state to acquisition by United States, 12.050
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Scholarships or grants for disabled personnel injured or survivors of personnel killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Water resources interagency task force, to be member, 640.430
Youth service and conservation corps act, 620.552 to 620.574
252.002. Department of conservation created--commission appointment, qualifications--director, appointment.
252.010. Citation of law.
252.020. Definitions.
252.030. Wildlife of Missouri--ownership and title.
252.040. Taking of wildlife--violations, misdemeanor--fur dealers and buyers violating record keeping rules, fine.
252.041. Deer hunting during deer-hunting season with firearms, orange colored clothing required, violation, penalty.
252.043. Hunter inflicting injury by firearm or other weapon on person mistaken as game, penalties--hearing procedure--hunter safety course required.
252.045. Motor vehicles, speed limit--areas designated for use of recreation activities and equipment--solid waste not to be discarded or brought on to land or water--entry by utilities permitted, when.
252.050. Payment of fees--treasurer's report.
252.060. License may be inspected--penalty for refusal.
252.068. Arrest powers of certain conservation department employees.
252.070. Enforcement of law.
252.080. Arrest by commission agents for violations of conservation rules, powers.
252.085. Arrests by commission agents certified as peace officers or instructors, powers, limitation.
252.090. Right of inspection by commission agents--penalty.
252.100. Complaints--search warrants--penalty for resisting.
252.110. Service of warrant on corporation.
252.120. Limitation of prosecution.
252.130. Failure to pay fine and costs--procedure.
252.140. Commission notified of results of prosecution.
252.150. Corporation owning dam to provide for free movement of fish--maintenance of hatchery--penalty.
252.160. Fraudulently securing license, penalty.
252.170. Soliciting illegal shipments--penalty.
252.180. Consignee to notify commission--penalty.
252.190. Possession of wildlife a misdemeanor--when.
252.200. Obstructing free passage of fish--penalty.
252.210. Contamination of streams--penalty.
252.220. Explosives prohibited--penalty.
252.225. Telephone, statewide toll-free numbers for violation reports--confidentiality of reports, exceptions--false reports or unauthorized release of confidential information, penalties.
252.228. Hunting, fishing and trapping permit records, contents--records closed, when.
252.230. Penalty not otherwise provided.
252.235. Sale of any species of wildlife, fish parts thereof or eggs taken in violation of rules--penalties--sale and property defined.
252.240. Endangered species law, definitions--prohibited activities, exceptions, penalty.
252.241. Penalty for hunting or fishing when license is suspended, revoked, denied.
252.243. Hunting heritage protection areas designated, where--no TIF projects permitted, exceptions--discharge of firearms prohibited--areas not included.
252.244. Wild game defined, preparation and service permitted, when--notice to be posted--donation of wild game, regulation.
252.245. Volunteers, liability, expenses--use of state vehicles--definition.
252.247. Interstate wildlife violators compact, authorization to enter--rulemaking authority.
252.300. Citation of law--intent of legislature.
252.303. Agroforestry program developed--who may develop plan.
252.306. Definitions.
252.309. Incentive payments--agreements with landowners--amount of payments.
252.312. Funding for payments.
252.315. Application for participation--contents--review of application--administrative procedure.
252.318. Annual inspection--notification of noncompliance--administrative procedure.
252.321. Agroforestry demonstration areas established.
252.324. Rules and regulations, procedure.
252.327. Report--contents--when submitted.
252.330. Payment for planting trees.
252.333. Federal incentive payments for land enrolled in the program, duration.

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