Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 253
State Parks and Historic Preservation


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Garbage, solid not to be discarded or brought into parks or game refuges, 252.045
Katy Trail, no civil liability for adjoining landowners when, 258.100
Mississippi River parkway, state agencies to cooperate in establishing, 226.280 to 226.490
Route 66, original roads and highways to be renamed to Route 66, 226.792
Sales and use tax to support conservation, soil, water and state parks, effective when, expires when, Const. Art. IV §§ 47(a), 47(b), 47(c)
Scenic roads, State Highway 19, designation, duties, 226.795
Shipwrecks meeting national register of historic places criteria, salvage or excavation, requirements, permit, fee, penalty, 253.420
State historic preservation officer defined as the director of natural resources, 194.400
State park fund, certain amount to be appropriated for, Const. Art. III § 47
Unmarked human burials, state historic preservation officer, jurisdiction, duties, 194.400 to 194.410
U.S. Highway 66, designated historic highway, costs, how paid, 226.796
253.010. Definitions.
253.022. Department of natural resources to administer the National Historic Preservation Act.
253.024. Plan for expenditure of federal funds to be submitted to appropriations and oversight division of the committee on legislative research--contents of plan.
253.035. Rules and regulations, procedure.
253.040. Acquisition of land--eminent domain.
253.043. Park boundary conflicts, department authorized to convey up to five acres as part of land trade, conditions.
253.045. Department of natural resources may mark and maintain certain former governors' graves.
253.048. Flags authorized for display in state parks.
253.050. Obligations incurred only as authorized by appropriation.
253.060. Director's and staff's qualifications--compensation.
253.065. Park rangers, appointment, powers as peace officers.
253.067. Volunteers may supplement programs--duties of division--status of volunteers--expenses--definition.
253.070. Expenditures, how made.
253.078. Annual stakeholder meeting in each park district--stakeholders may petition director, when--stakeholder defined.
253.080. Director of natural resources may construct and operate facilities and collect fees for usage--concession contracts--limitations--renewal of contracts--advertising merchandise, permission required.
253.082. Fund established for each facility head at state parks and scenic sites--purpose of fund--limitation, rules--revolving fund for sale of Division of State Parks items established..
253.090. State park earnings fund created, how used.
253.092. Arrow Rock state historic site endowment fund created, expenditure of moneys in fund--state treasurer to be custodian.
253.095. Interpretive or education services, agreements entered into with not-for-profit organizations for state parks, space provided--net proceeds retained by organization.
253.100. Removal of timber only on order of record.
253.110. The Confederate Memorial Park as state park.
253.120. Confederate Memorial Park endowment fund.
253.130. Portrait to be located in Mark Twain state park.
253.140. Department of natural resources to maintain as historical sites all covered wooden bridges donated to the state.
253.150. Definitions.
253.155. Motor vehicles may operate, where, exception.
253.160. Speed limits in park.
253.165. Vehicles in parks subject to general law regulating such vehicles.
253.170. Penalty.
253.180. Domestic animals prohibited from running at large.
253.185. Domestic animals, how controlled--prohibited in buildings, exception--dog park, designated area.
253.190. Exempted domestic animals.
253.195. Fireworks prohibited, exception.
253.200. Taking of wildlife prohibited, exception.
253.205. Penalty.
253.210. Definitions.
253.220. Erection of structure in park to accommodate visitors--may acquire land.
253.230. Revenue bonds--conditions of issue, approval, sources of payment--department of natural resources building fund.
253.240. Bonds issued on resolution of board, when.
253.250. Revenue bonds not obligations of state.
253.260. Bonds, denomination, interest rate, contents--negotiable--income exempt from income taxes.
253.270. Department of natural resources may prescribe form of bonds--holder may compel performance of duties.
253.280. Bonds refunded, when--refunding bonds may include interest--how paid.
253.290. Leases for development and operation of resort facilities--rentals.
253.300. Leases to be let on competitive bids.
253.310. Lessees to give bond.
253.320. Conditions required in leases--effect of encumbrances of lessee.
253.350. Babler memorial state park--powers of department of natural resources.
253.360. Fund created, use of income and corpus, investments.
253.370. Thomas Hart Benton homestead memorial.
253.380. Pansy Johnson-Travis memorial state gardens and trust fund.
253.385. Acquisition of Rice-Tremonti Home by department of natural resources--duties.
253.395. Historic preservation revolving fund authorized--definitions--use of fund.
253.400. Short title.
253.401. Definitions.
253.402. Purpose of fund--administration.
253.403. Property, acquired how--condemnation prohibited.
253.404. Property, interest limited to estate, or term necessary to preserve and protect.
253.405. Sale or lease of acquired property subject to restrictions--reversion clause.
253.407. Unexpended balance not to be transferred to general revenue.
253.408. Law citation, state historic preservation act--state historic preservation officer to be director of natural resources, duties.
253.409. Designation of historic districts, structure or sites, certain counties, procedure--property owners must concur--not applicable to cities (Greene and Christian counties).
253.410. Deputy state preservation officer appointment--to serve as director--staff, qualifications.
253.412. Missouri advisory council on historic preservation transferred to department of natural resources.
253.415. Local historic preservation citation--historic preservation commission may be established by ordinance--powers--qualifications.
253.420. Shipwrecks meeting historic register criteria, salvage or excavation requirements, permit, fee--embedded, defined--violation, penalty, rules, procedure.
253.421. Abandoned materials belong to the state--definitions--rulemaking.
253.500. Disapproval of conveyance by United States to state of land related to Meramec Park Lake Project, exceptions--restrictive covenants, exceptions.
253.510. Sale of land authorized--procedure--committee established, qualifications, appointment, duties.
253.520. Distribution of proceeds from land sales--Meramec-Onondaga state parks fund, created, purpose.
253.530. State treasurer to be custodian of fund, duties, powers.
253.540. Department of natural resources' authority to use income and annual percentage of fund.
Cross Reference

Tax Credit Accountability Act of 2004, additional requirements, 135.800 to 135.830 ***

253.545. Definitions.
253.550. Tax credits, qualified persons or entities, maximum amount, limitations--exceptions.
253.557. Credits exceeding tax liability--distribution--assignment.
253.559. Procedure for approval of tax credit--eligibility, how determined--certificate required.

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