Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 254
State Forestry Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Economic diversification and afforestation act, 252.300 to 252.333
254.010 Citation of law.
254.020. Definitions.
254.030. Forest districts authorized--state forester authorized.
254.040. Designation as forest croplands, application for--refusal, appeal from--size of tract and value limitations.
254.050. Certification of forest croplands, where filed.
254.060. Transfer of ownership.
254.070. Commission-owned lands eligible as forest croplands--rate of compensation to county--acreage to be certified by commission.
254.075. State-owned lands, exemptions for.
254.080. Time limit on tax relief for private land--reclassification procedure.
254.085. State land may retain classification indefinitely.
254.090. Tax rate on privately owned forest cropland.
254.100. Private plan of forest management--partial tax relief--revisions.
254.110. Compensatory payments to counties.
254.120. Tax relief not to affect valuation of other property.
254.130. Compliance with forest management rules and regulations required.
254.140. Firewood and domestic use timber cutting permitted.
254.150. Yield tax on cuttings--exceptions.
254.160. Collection of yield tax from cuttings--methods.
254.170. Yield tax, when--value, how determined--rate of tax.
254.180. Yield tax and reimbursements to be deposited in conservation commission fund.
254.190. Separate taxation on certain products.
254.200. Forest cropland, grounds for declassification--effect of.
254.210. Owner to reimburse state upon cancellation of classification--penalty.
254.220. Removal from classification by owner, payments required.
254.225. Forest landowner cost-share incentive program authorized, reimbursements provided, when--application, procedure.
254.230. State forester and commission employees, duties of.
254.240. Enforcement powers of state forester and commission employees.
254.250. Powers of agents of commission.
254.260. Enforcement of provisions, by whom--duties.
254.270. Fire control and timber trespass activities intensified, when--provisions for added protection.
254.290. Penalty for obstructing enforcement.
254.300. Violation of chapter a misdemeanor.

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