Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 257
Water Conservancy Districts


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Recreational lake authorities, 67.783
257.020 Definitions.
257.030. Organization--proceedings in circuit court--disqualification of judge.
257.040. Petition for organization, number of signers, contents--consolidation of petitions.
257.050. Bond for expenses.
257.060. Secondary or tributary drainage area, recommendation of state agency.
257.070. Survey of district made, when--notice, objections, disposition--order of court, appeal.
257.080. Election district commission, creation, how composed--functions--expenses paid, how.
257.090. Court to call election--contents of call.
257.100. Form of ballot.
257.110. Vote required to approve district.
257.120. Costs, how paid and taxed, counties reimbursed, when.
257.130. District established, when--status and powers.
257.140. Order establishing district not subject to collateral attack, when--contest of vote authorized.
257.150. Copies of decree recorded, where, sent to agency designated by governor.
257.160. Regular elections of trustees, when held--number of trustees, how selected, terms, qualifications, vacancies filled, how--removal.
257.170. Election of trustees, procedure.
257.180. Oath of trustees--organization--seal, records, meetings, quorum.
257.190. Secretary, duties--chief engineer and employees, duties, compensation--bonds--compensation of trustees--audits.
257.200. Powers of board, limits.
257.210. Board and agents may enter lands for surveys--interference, penalty.
257.220. Condemnation of land by board.
257.230. Cemetery lands, procedure on taking or damaging.
257.240. Board to make regulations, violation, misdemeanor, enforcement by civil process.
257.250. Contracts, procedure for letting--concessions, how granted.
257.260. Concessions to be reappraised each twenty years.
257.270. Board to employ guards to enforce regulations, powers.
257.280. Use resulting in damage prevented--liability--willful damage, penalty--local option as to stock law unchanged.
257.290. Plans of district, adoption, state agency designated by governor to approve.
257.300. Preliminary plan, notice--objections, adoption--objections to official plan, trial by court order--state agency to be informed.
257.310. Creation of district for primary drainage basin including previously formed district, procedure--establishment of subdistricts--officers, employees, powers--disincorporation of such district.
257.320. Existing improvement districts not deprived of rights--cooperative contracts--approval of future plans.
257.330. Funds of district, how kept--cost of plans, how paid--use of surplus.
257.340. Use of money received as aid from public agency.
257.350. Organization tax--pledge of anticipated revenues.
257.360. Levy and collection of taxes generally, rates--increase to be voted at election, limit.
257.370. General obligation bonds authorized, limits, terms, form--election required--vote required--levy and collection of tax to pay.
257.380. Form of ballot.
257.390. Public sale of bonds, minimum price--use of proceeds.
257.400. Tax lien not affected by disincorporation or failure of action--enforcement.
257.410. Failure to collect taxes, penalty.
257.430. Profiting by officer from district contracts or moneys, penalty--liability.
257.440. Performance of duties compelled by mandamus.
257.450. Disincorporation, procedure--approval at election--appointment of receiver, duties.
257.460. Defective notice of any proceeding, effect.
257.470. District liable for negligence.
257.480. Law not applicable to metropolitan areas.
257.490. Liberal construction required.

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