Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 259
Oil and Gas Production


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Oil and gas council transferred to department of natural resources, 640.010
259.010 Council established.
259.020. Council membership.
259.030. Council officers.
259.040. Expenses of members.
259.050. Definitions.
259.052. Oil and gas resources fund created, use of moneys.
259.060. Waste prohibited.
259.070. Powers and duties of council--rulemaking, procedure.
259.080. Permits--fee structure proposal.
259.090. Production--controls and allocations authorized.
259.100. Spacing of wells, exception, noncommercial gas wells.
259.110. Production pooling authorized.
259.120. Unit or cooperative development and operation agreements, hearings--petition, contents--findings, effect of--order, contents--unit expenses, how charged--enlarged units, how treated.
259.130. Lien for drilling expenses.
259.140. Council hearings--notice--procedure.
259.150. Questions of fact submitted to public service commission--costs.
259.160. Rehearing.
259.170. Appeal to circuit court--time for filing--procedure.
259.180. Prohibited acts--knowledge--certificate of clearance.
259.190. Contraband, seizure and sale--proceeds and bond forfeitures paid into oil and gas remedial fund, purpose.
259.200. Penalties.
259.210. Threatened violations--injunction.
259.220. Taxation of mineral rights.
259.230. Political subdivisions authorized to execute oil and gas leases on public lands--proceeds to general revenue.

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