Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 264


Rsmo Number Section Description
264.011 Title of law.
264.021. Definitions.
264.031. Inspectors, qualifications, compensation.
264.041. Inspections, fee--notice--entry--specialized examinations by department of agriculture.
264.051. Certificates of health, expiration--quarantine--eradication.
264.061. Movement permit required, when--form--issuance--fee--verbal authorization.
264.063. Quarantined areas outside state--seizure--inspection--eradication.
264.065. Quarantines inside state--seizure--inspection--notice--eradication--lien for expenses.
264.071. Revocation of movement permit, procedure.
264.081. Hearings on refusals or revocations, procedure.
264.091. Right of entry.
264.095. Powers and duties of director--rulemaking, procedure.
264.101. Penalties.

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