Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 266
Seeds, Fertilizers and Feeds


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
State agency purchasing seed from nondomestic source containing noxious weeds, liability, 263.243
266.011. Short title.
266.021. Definitions.
266.031. Permits required, fees, terms--penalty for late application.
266.040. Limit to number of free tests--regulations authorized--fee for excess.
266.051. Label requirements for agricultural seeds.
266.061. Contents of statement on label or tag.
266.071. Sales, offers for sale and acts prohibited.
266.076. Records required--inspection--retention.
266.080. Exemptions.
266.091. Director of agriculture to enforce provisions and requirements--rules and regulations to be adopted, procedure--laboratory--cooperation with others.
266.095. Seed certification agency, designation.
266.101. Seed subject to seizure, when--proceedings--disposition of condemned seed.
266.105. Injunctive relief--bond required.
266.111. Penalties for violations--attorney general to act on request, when, procedure--publication by director of result of legal action.
266.152. Title of law.
266.155. Director of agriculture to administer.
266.160. Definitions.
266.165. License required to manufacture or distribute commercial feed, application form, fee, late fee--rules authorized--license suspension, revocation or refusal--independent consultants, how regulated, penalties.
266.170. Commercial feed, how labeled.
266.175. Misbranding, what constitutes.
266.180. Adulterated feed, what constitutes.
266.185. Prohibited acts.
266.190. Inspection fees, exemptions--fee, how computed--report, when due--penalty for failure to make.
266.195. Director may make rules, may adopt definitions--rulemaking, procedure.
266.200. Inspections, how made--sampling and analysis, how conducted.
266.205. Withdrawal from distribution order, when--seizure, procedure for--disposal of feed, how made.
266.210. Penalties, appeals, how taken.
266.212. Administrative penalties, procedure, appeal, maximum penalties, disbursal of funds from penalties, limitations on actions.
266.215. Cooperation authorized, when.
266.220. Annual report by director required.
266.291. Definitions.
266.301. Permit required to sell fertilizer--application.
266.311. Sale of misbranded fertilizer prohibited.
266.321. Information required on containers.
266.331. Sales to be reported--fees.
266.336. Fertilizer control board created--appointment, qualifications--meetings--duties--authorized agents, duties--terms--expenses, how paid.
266.341. (Repealed L. 2016 S.B. 655 § A)
266.343. Penalties for deficiency in fertilizer.
266.347. Penalties payable to purchaser or director, collection procedure.
266.351. Violation a misdemeanor.
266.353. Liquid fertilizer solution pipeline companies to be public utilities--right to exercise eminent domain, approval procedure--limitations.
266.355. Anhydrous ammonia, rules and standards for equipment and handling--director's duties--minimum standards.
266.361. Definitions.
266.371. Sale of injurious or deleterious substance unlawful.
266.380. False or misleading statements unlawful.
266.390. Penalties for violations--prosecutor to enforce.
266.400. Violations may be enjoined.
266.410. Garbage defined.
266.420. Untreated garbage not to be fed, exception.
266.430. Permit required for feeding garbage--fee--issuance of permit.
266.440. Sale, transportation and purchase of garbage-fed swine prohibited.
266.450. Law may be enforced by injunction.
266.460. Violation a misdemeanor, what constitutes offense.
266.500. Short title.
266.505. Definitions.
266.510. Sale of noncomplying material prohibited--exception.
266.515. Permit required, annual expiration date.
266.520. Certification to be filed, when, contents--fee--funds collected, how used.
266.525. Quality standards for agricultural liming materials.
266.530. Samples, how taken, number required.
266.535. Samples, how analyzed, results to producer and director.
266.540. Certification of analysis--final responsibility for effectiveness with producer.
266.543. Advisory council, appointment, qualifications, terms, expenses, duties, vacancies.
266.545. Rules, procedure--director's powers.
266.550. Instrument of sale, information to be shown on.

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