Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 267
State Veterinarian--Diseased Animals


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Animal disposal, state veterinarian powers, duties, 269.020
Animal research and production facilities protection act, penalties, 578.405
Dead animals, issuance of permits, duties, 269.050
Dog and cat care and shelter facilities regulation, duties, 273.325 to 273.359
Large scale animal death, state veterinarian powers, duties, 269.021
Livestock marketing law, powers and duties, Chap. 277
267.010. Definitions.
267.020. Appointment of veterinary surgeon--qualifications--tenure.
267.030. Veterinarian--oath, bond--office--duties.
267.040. Under control of director.
267.050. Appointment of deputy veterinary surgeon--qualifications.
267.060. Compensation of veterinarian and deputies.
267.070. Cooperate with federal officers.
267.080. Report to director.
267.090. Compilation of information and report.
267.100. Petition for veterinarian's services to control contagious disease.
267.110. Veterinarian to investigate on petition.
267.120. Prescribe disinfectants--enforcement.
267.122. Animal health diagnostic laboratories established, fees--investment of funds--rulemaking procedure--transfer of funds to general revenue, when.
267.168. Voluntary program may be supported by state--mandated participation prohibited--withdrawal permitted--governor may waive this section, when.
267.169. Certain livestock data not subject to disclosure--exceptions
267.170. Indemnification--appraisal--payment.
267.210. Disposition of condemned cattle.
267.220. Reactor animals may be retained, procedure.
267.230. Quarantine violations or interference with veterinarian, penalty--interception of vehicles transporting livestock--impoundment procedure--penalties for violations--law officer may assist.
267.240. Governor--approval and enforcement of quarantine regulations.
267.250. Enforcement of rules, regulations--notification to county commission--sheriff to assist.
267.380. State veterinarian may enter to conduct tests--owner to cooperate.
267.400. Veterinarian to make and enforce regulations.
267.430. Diseased animals--sale or running at large prohibited.
267.450. Unquarantined stock in quarantined pens prohibited.
267.560. Title of law.
267.565. Definitions.
267.570. Transportation of livestock into or through state, exhibitions, public stockyards, regulations.
267.575. Health certificates, contents, duration--inspection and testing, authority.
267.580. Permits, requests for contents, duration.
267.585. Carriers of livestock, regulations.
267.590. Quarantine of animal or herd by state veterinarian--duration.
267.595. Quarantine of area, notice, effect--procedure.
267.600. Animals under test or investigation not to be removed--holding period permitted, when.
267.603. Quarantined livestock testing--violations of orders--hearing--witnesses, fees and mileage--penalties, fines--appeals--fines credited to enforcement and administration fund.
267.604. Injunction against owners of diseased livestock, when--venue.
267.605. Laboratories to obtain permit, reports--hog cholera virus use limited--veterinarians to report contagions.
267.611. Slaughter of animals, indemnification--accounting.
267.615. License for male breeding animals, application, fee, renewal.
267.620. Artificial insemination, license for production of semen, fee, renewal.
267.625. Bovine breeding males to be tested and vaccinated.
267.630. Law inapplicable to loan between breeders.
267.635. Revocation of licenses for violations.
267.640. Certification of disease free herds or flocks, when--cancellation.
267.645. Department may enter premises--rules and regulations.
267.650. Animals impounded when, costs paid by owner--redemption.
267.655. Civil penalties.
267.660. Violation, a misdemeanor.
267.670. Definitions.
267.673. Sheep and goats to be dipped, when.
267.677. Identification marks on dipped sheep and goats.
267.680. Markets and dealers to provide dipping facilities--records to be kept.
267.683. Animals may be sold for slaughter without dipping, when.
267.687. Infected sheep, goats or cattle, how treated--quarantine--moved, when.
267.690. Exposed animals released for slaughter, when.
267.693. Exposed animals quarantined--consignment for slaughter.
267.697. Sheep or goats deemed exposed, when.
267.700. All animals in group classed as infected or exposed, when.
267.703. Infected or exposed animals not to be moved.
267.707. County certified as "scabies free area", when.
267.710. Entrance of sheep or goats from noncertified to certified areas.
267.713. Importation of sheep or goats for breeding or feeding, regulations.
267.717. Registration of sheep shearers--duties.
267.720. Dealer registration--inspection of premises.
267.723. Rules and regulations.
267.727. Injunction to restrain violations.
267.730. Violation, misdemeanor.

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