Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 268
Marks and Brands of Animals


Rsmo Number Section Description
268.011 Definitions.
268.021. Adoption of brands authorized.
268.031. Recorded brands as evidence.
268.041. Adoption of brand, procedure, fee--conflicts, duty of director, recording.
268.051. Brand recording, effect of.
268.061. Copies of record furnished--additional copies, fee.
268.063. Confidentiality of premises registration information.
268.071. Use of unrecorded brands prohibited, exceptions, penalty.
268.081. In-herd brands, location of.
268.091. Brand definition and location, single letter or figure unacceptable.
268.101. Brands transferable, transfer fee.
268.111. Disputed ownership investigated, how--costs, how paid.
268.121. Recorded brand list a public record, furnished to general public at cost.
268.131. Fees, disposition--livestock brands fund, creation, use, administration.
268.141. Owner of brand to pay fee, when, amount--forfeiture of brand, reissuance, when.
268.151. Illegal branding a felony, how punished.
268.171. Slaughterers to keep records.

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