Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 269
Disposal of Dead Animals


Rsmo Number Section Description
269.010 Definitions.
269.020. Disposal of dead animals, manner--on-site burials permitted, when--removal of hide authorized--composting, incineration--state veterinarian may enter premises in emergency situations or when nuisance exists, costs--court order requiring disposal--limitation on veto power of decisions.
269.021. Large scale animal death, state veterinarian, powers, duties.
269.022. Director to promulgate rules, procedure.
269.023. Director may assist in enforcement, authorized employees' powers.
269.025. Director may investigate suspected violations, civil penalties--review, distribution of penalties.
269.030. Transportation of dead animals prohibited, exceptions.
269.032. Dead animal substation, permit required.
269.040. Application for permit to transport dead animals, contents.
269.045. Application for permit to operate dead animal substation, contents.
269.050. Receipt of application, duties of state veterinarian.
269.060. Inspection and review, notice of insufficiencies, reinspection.
269.070. Issuance of permits to transport.
269.072. Issuance of permit to operate substation--contents--posting.
269.075. Qualifications for permit--grounds for refusal of issuance, review, notice.
269.080. Transportation of dead animals for foreign plants--permits and licenses--fees--revocation and suspension.
269.100. Duration of permits.
269.110. Director may suspend, revoke permits, notice, hearing, procedure--subpoenas, oaths--review.
269.130. Vehicles and substations, construction.
269.140. State veterinarian may prescribe additional requirements.
269.145. Disposal, time limitation.
269.150. Required cleansing and disinfecting of vehicles--hauling live animals or feeds in same vehicle prohibited.
269.160. Transportation nuisances to be avoided.
269.170. Location of plants--restrictions and exceptions.
269.180. Specifications for disposal plants.
269.190. Inspection of plants.
269.200. Exceptions to chapter.
269.210. Failure to secure permit--penalty.
269.220. Violation--penalty.

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