Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 271


Rsmo Number Section Description
271.010 Notice and bond.
271.020. Notice--penalty.
271.030. Condition of bond.
271.040. Any householder may take up stray, when.
271.050. Notice, how given--contents.
271.060. Duty of taker-up.
271.070. Notice to be recorded--appraisers appointed.
271.080. Appraisers--oath--duty.
271.090. Record of strays taken up.
271.100. Notice published in newspaper, when.
271.110. Filing of unpublished notice and affidavit.
271.120. Nonhouseholder to file bond--failure.
271.130. Reclamation by owner.
271.140. Proof entered on docket, certification.
271.150. Amount for keeping stray.
271.160. Failure to reclaim, property vests in taker-up, when.
271.170. File certificate of proof of stray.
271.180. Charge treasurer with amount paid by owner.
271.190. Stray book and stray fund record book.
271.200. Entries in the county stray book.
271.210. Entries in stray fund record book.
271.220. Certain names to be appended to the tax books.
271.230. Responsibility of collector.
271.240. Delinquent stray list returned.
271.250. Taker-up may turn stray over to collector, when--effect of.
271.260. Taker-up not liable, when.
271.270. Taker-up may use stray, how.
271.280. Recovery of damages by owner, when.
271.290. Reclamation by owner before posting, how.
271.310. Preservation of papers in clerk's office, inspection.
271.320. Compensation for taker-up--fees of appraisers.
271.330. Fees for associate circuit judge.
271.340. Compensation of publisher for notice and affidavit.
271.350. Fees of county clerk.
271.360. Penalty for failure to perform duty.
271.370. Fines, penalties and forfeitures to go into school fund.

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