Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 272
Fences and Enclosures


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High voltage electrified security fence systems, department of corrections, 217.141
272.010. Field to be enclosed by fence.
272.020. Fencing requirements.
272.030. Owners of stock liable for damages, when.
272.040. Judge may appoint viewers to view fence--compensation of appointees.
272.050. Persons injuring animals liable for damages, when.
272.060. Division fences--rights of parties in, how determined.
272.070. Duty of judge if owners disagree--apportionment of costs.
272.080. Value of fence may be recovered, when.
272.090. Fence to be divided for purpose of repair.
272.100. Duties of persons appointed--their fees.
272.110. Division fences to be kept in repair.
272.120. Division fences not to be removed without consent of owners.
272.130. Judgment of associate circuit judge reviewed in same manner as other civil actions.
272.132. Total cost of fence attributable to one landowner, when.
272.134. Agreement for no fence permitted.
272.136. Landowner may exceed lawful fence requirements.
272.210. Definitions.
272.220. Fields enclosed, how.
272.230. (Repealed L. 2016 S.B. 844 § A)
272.235. Adjoining landowners obligated to build fence--when--exceptions.
272.240. Partition fences--owner may demand payment, when.
272.250. Duty of judge if parties disagree on value--fence viewers to estimate.
272.260. Value of fence may be recovered, when.
272.270. Fence owners may agree on maintenance--agreement recorded--refusal to agree, procedure.
272.280. Duties of judge if parties disagree on repairs--fence viewers to designate.
272.290. Special partition fences--owner may demand payment, when.
272.300. Fees of fence viewers, judge and sheriff--taxed as costs.
272.310. Owners to repair division fence--remedy for failure.
272.320. Division fence not to be removed--exceptions.
272.330. Application of law.
272.340. Judgment of judge may be reviewed in circuit court.
272.350. Petition for review shall state what.
272.360. Provisions of law effective after election.
272.370. Petition for election--notice--order of adoption.

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