Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 275
Commodity Associations


Rsmo Number Section Description
275.010. Who may incorporate--certain restrictions--style of corporate name.
275.020. General corporate powers, when.
275.030. Articles of agreement, how drawn.
275.040. Certificate of incorporation to be issued--subsequent procedure.
275.050. Incorporation fees.
275.060. Officers of association.
275.070. Capital stock to be divided into shares--value of stock.
275.080. Capital stock may be increased, how.
275.090. Stock to be paid for prior to issuance.
275.100. Members of association not individually liable.
275.110. Shares of stock nontransferable--exception.
275.120. Associations may purchase and retire own stock.
275.130. Authority to reissue and resell shares purchased.
275.140. Number of shares may be limited.
275.150. Associations empowered to execute purposes of organization.
275.160. Associations may own and vote stock in certain related corporations.
275.170. Association may borrow.
275.180. Association may contract for commodities.
275.190. May issue and sell notes--security--certain exemption.
275.200. Exempt from general corporation law--exceptions.
275.300. Definitions.
275.310. Powers and purposes of councils.
275.320. Establishment--petition, contents--membership.
275.330. Procedure after petition received.
275.340. Hearings, how conducted.
275.350. Fees, collection of, commodity council merchandising fund created, lapse into general revenue prohibited--disposition of funds.
275.352. Beef producers assessment, effect if federal assessment adopted--limitation on collection of fees--checkoff fee petition, vote--rulemaking authority.
275.360. Refund of fees, request for.
275.370. Council, officers, duties.
275.450. Missouri aquaculture council created--department to divide state into districts, each district to elect council member--qualifications, terms, vacancies, expenses--powers and duties.
275.452. Collection by department of agriculture of a charge per ton of fish food purchased by commercial producers, exceptions--fish food and commercial producer, defined.
275.454. Aquaculture market fund established, charges collected deposited in fund--cost of collection, how paid--purpose of fund.
275.455. Payment of charges to be made, when--reports to be filed with director with payment, content, violation, penalty.
275.460. Definitions.
275.462. Missouri wine marketing and research council, created, members, qualifications, duties.
275.464. Additional charge--director of agriculture's duty.
275.466. Additional charge--Missouri wine marketing and research development fund created--uses.
275.468. Annual report--payment required.

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