Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 277
Missouri Livestock Marketing Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Animal research and production facilities protection act, penalties, 578.405
277.010 Designation of chapter.
277.020. Definitions.
277.022. Ratite birds classified as livestock.
277.024. Aquatic products classified as livestock.
277.030. License required to hold livestock sale.
277.040. Application for license--issuance--disposition of fees.
277.050. Suspension or revocation of license, grounds--hearing--review--violations of marketing laws, hearing procedure, penalties.
277.060. Posting of license.
277.070. Responsibility of licensee--net proceeds.
277.080. Bond--letter of credit or other financial security required--form--refusal by director, when, powers of director.
277.090. Sales record to be kept.
277.100. Inspection and test to be made by approved persons--request by market operator to dismiss inspecting veterinary, procedure.
277.120. Records, authority to inspect--subpoena powers--financial records confidential, exception.
277.130. Licensee shall determine true ownership.
277.140. Penalties.
277.141. Warranties of merchantability or fitness to be in writing.
277.160. Rulemaking authority of state veterinarian, procedure.
277.170. Injunction powers of state veterinarian.
277.180. Bribes to violate the livestock marketing law--class E felony.
277.190. Inspection of records of certain licensees by law enforcement--hold order, contents--violation, penalty--confidentiality of information.

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