Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 278
Soil Conservation


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Economic diversification and afforestation act, 252.300 to 252.333
Hearings on environmental matters, department of natural resources has burden of proof, exception, 640.012
State forestry law, Chap. 254
Youth service and conservation corps act, 620.552 to 620.574
278.060. Title of law.
278.070. Definitions.
278.080. Establishing commission--members--powers and duties--rulemaking--variances to rules permitted, procedure.
278.090. Referendum--how conducted.
278.100. Establishment of soil and water conservation districts.
278.110. Establishment of board of soil and water district supervisors--members, terms, duties, bonds.
278.120. District shall be body corporate--duties.
278.130. Soil and water supervisors--limitation of powers.
278.135. Districts engaging in soil conservation products business, approval of state soil and water commission required--complaint procedures--rulemaking authority.
278.140. Two or more districts may cooperate.
278.145. Counties and cities may cooperate and contribute.
278.150. Disestablishment of soil and water districts--referendum--procedure.
278.155. Application to existing districts.
278.160. Subdistricts authorized.
278.170. Subdistrict, petition to form, requirements.
278.180. Hearing--notice.
278.190. Publication of notice.
278.200. Feasibility determination--election.
278.210. Regulations, how approved.
278.220. Watershed district located in more than one district, procedure--certificate recorded, where.
278.240. District board of supervisors to govern watershed district, combined boards to govern, when--trustees of watershed district, how elected, terms--powers of directors--mileage reimbursement authorized.
278.245. Condemnation authorized, when--other powers of governing body or trustees--taxation authorized.
278.250. Organization tax--annual tax for watershed district--limitation--levy--collection--lien enforcement--rate of tax--property tax (section 137.073) rate if no levy imposed for year.
278.257. Consolidation of two or more subdistricts, procedure.
278.258. Detachment from watershed subdistrict, procedure--certification by trustees.
278.259. Expansion of subdistrict, procedure.
278.260. Cooperation with federal programs authorized.
278.280. Projects, how financed--special assessment appraisers, duties, compensation--assessment resolution, hearings--election--bonds--special levy.
278.290. Disestablishment of watershed district, procedure.
278.300. State soil and water districts commission to control watershed district formerly under a disestablished soil and water conservation district.

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