Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 280
Treated Timber Products


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Wood energy producers, income tax credits, 135.300 to 135.313
280.005 Law, how cited.
280.010. Definitions.
280.020. Treated timber products sold to meet standards.
280.030. License required for treated timber producer.
280.035. Licenses required for treated timber dealer--fee.
280.037. Dealer's license application, content.
280.038. License not transferable--posting--license year--fees, purpose, deposit--late renewal, penalty.
280.040. Suspension or revocation of license--notice and hearing.
280.050. Standards for wood preservatives--rules and regulations, procedure.
280.060. Statement as to treatment and effect to be filed.
280.070. Timber products to be branded--registration of brand.
280.080. Invoice on shipments, contents.
280.090. Inspection--right of entry--search warrant to issue, when.
280.095. Stop-sale--stop-use--removal orders--hearing--seizure--condemnation.
280.100. Condemnation--warning required--venue.
280.110. Disposition of condemned property--civil penalty.
280.120. Exceptions--law not applicable.
280.130. Violation--class B misdemeanor.
280.140. Injunction--violations.

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