Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 281


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Chapter Cross Reference
Boll weevil eradication, 263.500 to 263.537
281.005 Preemption of all ordinances and rules of political subdivisions.
281.010. Short title.
281.015. Director of agriculture to administer.
281.020. Definitions.
281.023. Director may enter into cooperative agreements with political subdivisions.
281.025. Director may issue regulations--notice, how given--list of restricted use pesticides, adoption of--public hearings, when--rulemaking procedure.
281.030. Classification of licenses, how made--rulemaking powers--fees.
281.035. Certified commercial applicator's license required when, annual fee--application for license, how made--examinations--records to be kept--incapacity of sole certified applicator, effect of.
281.037. Certified noncommercial applicator's license, when required--application for certified noncommercial applicator's license, examination, fee--scope of license--records to be kept.
281.038. Determination of need for use of pesticide, who may make--pesticide technician's license, application, requirements, fee.
281.040. Private applicator's license, qualifications for, duration, renewal--emergency use of restricted pesticides, when authorized.
281.045. Certified operator license, when required--application, requirements, examination--maintenance of records--liability of governmental agencies.
281.050. Pesticide dealer's license required, fee, qualifications--grounds for suspension or revocation--restricted use of pesticides, sale or transfer, to whom, exception--records to be kept--change of address, notice of.
281.055. Late renewal of license, penalty, reexamination, when--director to provide guideline book, fee for book.
281.060. Revocation, suspension or modification of license, when--civil penalty, when, amount, enforcement of.
281.061. Inspection with consent of owner of premises--search warrant to issue, when--director may bring action to enjoin, when.
281.063. Director may subpoena witnesses and documents, when.
281.065. Bond or insurance required--deductible clause accepted, when--new surety, when--liability, effect of chapter on.
281.070. Damage claims to be filed with director, when due--duties of director--failure to file, effect of--investigation or hearing, powers of director.
281.075. Reciprocal licensing authorized, when--agent to be designated by nonresidents.
281.080. Exemptions.
281.085. Pesticide containers, regulation of, handling of.
281.090. Stop orders, when--effect of.
281.095. Appeals, how taken.
281.100. Instructional courses, how conducted.
281.101. Unlawful acts.
281.105. Penalty for violations.
281.110. Authorization to accept federal aid.
281.115. Director's rules, ratification of.
281.116. Inspectors for wood-destroying insects, licenses required.
281.210. Citation of law--administration by director of agriculture.
281.220. Definitions.
281.230. Rules and regulations, authority.
281.240. Conditions under which pesticides may be sold, distributed or transported--other acts prohibited.
281.250. Exemptions.
281.260. Registration of pesticides--renewal--fees--powers of director--cancellation of registration on notice and hearing--experimental use permit issued when--revocation.
281.270. Inspection, limitations--search warrant may be issued, when--violations, prosecuting attorney's duties.
281.280. Examination of samples--noncompliance with regulations, notice, opportunity to present views--violation, director's powers and duties.
281.290. Cooperation and agreements with agencies, states, political subdivisions and the United States, authorized.
281.300. Seizure and condemnation of unlawful pesticides--director's powers and duties.
281.310. Penalties for violations.

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