Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 291
Industrial Inspection


Rsmo Number Section Description
291.010 Director of section to furnish bond.
291.020. Location of offices--assistant directors--powers and duties.
291.030. Employees to be retained and employed under merit system law.
291.040. Salaries and compensation of subordinate officials.
291.050. Traveling expenses to be paid.
291.060. Power and duties of director and deputies.
291.065. Rules and regulations, how made, when effective--commission to hold hearings, exceptions.
291.070. Statistics assembled.
291.080. Information gathered--blanks furnished.
291.120. Annual report to governor.
291.130. Inspection fees--refusal of inspection--penalty.
291.140. Director to investigate serious accidents--recommendations.
291.150. Director to make annual report to governor.

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