Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 295
Labor Relations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Arbitration, submission of disputes, proceedings, Chap. 435
Firemen's arbitration board, 290.350 to 290.380
Letter of dismissal, corporation to furnish employee, when, 290.140
Political activity, employee not to be denied right to, 115.637
Public employees may join labor unions, 105.510
Right of employees to organize and bargain collectively, Const. Art. I § 29
Uniform arbitration act, 435.350 to 435.470
295.010 Labor relations affecting public utilities--state policy.
295.020. Definitions.
295.030. Governor to appoint state board of mediation--members--qualifications--terms--vacancy.
295.040. Oath of members--main office--meetings.
295.050. Duties of chairman.
295.060. Compensation and expenses of board members.
295.070. Powers and duties of board.
295.080. Labor disputes--action by board.
295.090. Labor agreements--renewal.
295.100. Changes in labor agreement--notice.
295.110. Changes in employment terms in absence of labor contract.
295.120. Public hearing panel--members--powers--hearings.
295.130. Appearance in person or by counsel--notice of hearing.
295.140. Selection of party representatives.
295.150. Report of hearing to governor.
295.160. Appointment of representatives by board when not designated by parties.
295.170. Proceedings not to supersede voluntary arbitration.
295.180. Utility strike--power of governor.
295.190. Governor to prescribe rules and regulations.
295.200. Unlawful acts--penalties--enforcement of provisions.
295.210. Meaning of law.

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