Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 303
Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Military service, exemption from provisions of law, 41.950
University of Missouri campuses, traffic regulation, points assessed, laws, applicable, 172.743 to 172.750
303.010 Title of law.
303.020. Definitions.
303.024. Insurance identification cards issued by insurer, contents--identification cards for self-insured issued by director, contents--exhibition of card to peace officers or commercial vehicle enforcement officers--failure to exhibit, violation of section 303.025.
303.025. Duty to maintain financial responsibility, residents and nonresidents, misdemeanor penalty for failure to maintain--exception, methods--court to notify department of revenue, additional punishment, right of appeal.
303.026. Director to notify owners who register vehicles, contents--affidavit certifying financial responsibility required for registration--director may use sampling techniques to verify--verification by owner, time--insurers required to submit policy information to director, format, use, disclosure--violations by insurer, penalty.
303.030. Operator's license suspended on failure to give security for payment of damages after accident, burden of proof for challenging determination--exceptions--insurance accepted.
303.040. All motor vehicle accidents to be reported--director to notify all other parties, contents--parties to furnish information--nonresident requirements.
303.041. Failure to maintain financial responsibility--notice, procedure, contents--suspension of license and registration--request for hearing, right, effect--subsequent acquisition of financial responsibility, effect--duration of suspension, fee.
303.042. Suspension, effective when--length of suspension, factors considered--false submission of proof of insurance, suspension, duration, fee.
303.044. Proof of financial responsibility required for reregistration.
303.045. Records, where kept--destroyed, when.
303.050. Security, form and amount--reduced, when.
303.051. Judgment-creditor entitled to notice of security held.
303.060. Security deposited with director of revenue--used to pay judgment--return.
303.070. Operator not subject to security and suspension provisions, when.
303.080. Where operator has no license or is nonresident, procedure.
303.090. Report of failure to satisfy judgment--procedure as to nonresident.
303.100. License suspended on receipt of judgment--creditor may consent to allowance of license.
303.110. Suspension not lifted or license renewed, when--effect of bankruptcy.
303.120. Judgments deemed satisfied, when.
303.130. License continued on order allowing installment payment of judgment, when.
303.140. License suspension lifted, when.
303.150. Vehicle registration suspended on suspension of license for conviction or bail forfeiture--proof required for reregistration.
303.160. Proof of financial responsibility, how given.
303.170. Proof of responsibility by insurance certificate.
303.175. Motor vehicle liability policy, minimum term, exceptions.
303.178. Display of false evidence of insurance, penalty, confiscation of false evidence, misdemeanor.
303.179. Alteration, production or sale of invalid insurance card, misdemeanor.
303.180. Proof of responsibility by nonresident by insurance certificate, accepted when.
303.190. Motor vehicle liability policy, contents.
303.200. Approval of plan for apportionment of substandard insurance risks.
303.210. Notice of cancellation of insurance to be given director.
303.220. Certificate of self-insurance--cancelled, when.
303.230. Surety bond as proof of responsibility.
303.240. Cash deposit as proof of responsibility.
303.250. Owner may give proof for employees or family members.
303.260. Substitution of one proof of responsibility for another.
303.270. Director may require different proof, when.
303.280. Release of proof and waiver of proof, when.
303.290. Director's duties--regulations--judicial review.
303.300. Driver's records available upon request.
303.310. Report and decision to be no evidence of negligence--may be evidence, when.
303.315. Copies of suspension orders, constitute evidence.
303.320. Vehicle not registered until bona fide transfer.
303.330. License and registration returned to director, when.
303.340. Law not to apply to certain automobile insurance policies.
303.350. Chapter not applicable to government or common carriers.
303.360. Not to operate retrospectively.
303.370. Offenses, penalties.
303.390. Uninsured motorist, waiver of ability to collect noneconomic damages, when--inapplicability, when.
303.400. Title.
303.403. Definitions.
303.406. Database and fund created, purpose, administration--disclosure, when, violations, penalties--review and report to general assembly.
303.409. Failure to maintain financial responsibility, notice, right to hearing--suspension, duration, factors, extension for failure to file proof of insurance, maintenance of proof--exception for inoperable or stored motor vehicles.
303.412. Reporting by insurance companies, frequency, required information--revenue to notify department of violation, penalty, exceptions.
303.415. Effective and expiration dates.

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