Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 306
Watercraft Regulation and Licensing--Water Patrol Division


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Chapter Cross Reference
Actions against nonresident watercraft owners, 506.330 to 506.350
Division of water safety assigned to department of public safety, 650.005
State water patrol transferred to division of water patrol within state highway patrol in the department of public safety, 650.005
306.010. Definitions.
306.015. Vessels, registration, procedure, fee--delinquent application, penalty fee--failure to obtain certificate of title, effect of.
306.016. United States Coast Guard documented vessels, certificate of registration, requirements--fees and taxes--duration--temporary registration--termination--availability for inspection.
306.020. Vessels to be numbered--number, where displayed.
306.030. Certificate of number, application, procedure, contents, fee--numbers, how attached--numbers from federal or other state governments, reciprocity--renewal of certificate, when, how--personal property tax statement and proof of payment required--deposit and use of fees.
306.031. New or replacement identification number of motor or vessel--securing of number--penalty.
306.035. Certificate of title, form of.
306.040. Certified number only on boat.
306.050. Notice of change of address of certificate holder--procedure.
306.060. Transfer of ownership of boat, application, fee--temporary certificate of number, fee--contents--dealer issue, record required, contents, penalty.
306.075. Motorized amphibious vehicle, defined--treated as a vessel, not a motor vehicle, exceptions--license required.
306.080. Vessels exempt from numbering requirements.
306.090. Maximum sound levels for recreational motorboats--exceptions.
306.100. Classification of vessels--equipment requirements.
306.109. Alcoholic drinking devices and containers prohibited on rivers--violation, penalty.
306.110. (Transferred 2014; now 577.024)
306.111. (Transferred 2014; now 577.025)
306.112. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.113. Operate defined--probable cause required.
306.114. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.115. Parasailing, requirements, prohibited, when.
306.116. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.117. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.118. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.119. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.120. Towing persons on skis or surfboard, regulations.
306.122. Motorboat or vessel operator, minimum age, exceptions, penalty.
306.124. Aids to navigation and regulatory markers defined--water patrol may mark waters, hearing, notice--markings, effect of--disaster, closing of certain waters--violation, penalty.
306.125. Operation of watercraft, how--restricted areas, certain vessels, speed allowed--exceptions--penalty.
306.126. Motorboats, regulations as to passenger seating while under way--person in water, flag required, when--slow speed required, when--penalty.
306.127. Boating safety identification card required, when, requirements, fee--inapplicable, when--temporary boater safety identification card issued, when, rules, fee authorized, expiration date.
306.128. Boating offenses, offender requirements.
306.129. Rulemaking authority.
306.130. Regattas, races and other activities, authorization, regulation of.
306.132. Watercraft to stop on signal of water patrol or emergency watercraft, when--authorized speed near emergency watercraft--penalty.
306.140. Accident or collision, duties of operator--report required, when.
306.141. (Repealed L. 2014 S.B. 491 § A)
306.142. Personal watercraft, regulations--personal flotation devices--age restriction--reasonable and prudent operation--exceptions.
306.147. Muffler, defined--noise level regulation, muffler system required, certification of manufacturer--exceptions--on-site test to measure noise levels, penalty--application of section.
306.150. Watercraft livery--records--equipment to be furnished.
306.165. Water patrol officer, powers, duties and jurisdiction of.
306.167. Powers of peace officer when working in cooperation with other law enforcement agency.
306.168. Search warrants, water patrol division may request application for and serve, when.
306.170. Accident reports to United States on request.
306.180. Motorboat fund in state treasury, source and use.
306.185. Water patrol division fund created, use of proceeds.
306.190. Applicability of regulations--local regulations--special local rules prohibited.
306.200. Peace officers to enforce.
306.210. Penalties for violations.
306.215. Inspections of boats, refusal of or interference with--penalty.
306.217. Scuba diver's marker, flag required--flag described--boats to avoid--penalty.
306.220. Personal flotation device, who must wear, when, exception, penalty.
306.221. Position of vessel or person may not obstruct or impede traffic--penalty.
306.225. Certain counties may regulate size and operation of watercraft on lakes, when (Clay and Jackson counties).
306.250. Definitions.
306.260. Boats not to discharge sewage, exception.
306.270. Marine toilets shall have suitable treatment device.
306.280. Inspection of boats.
306.290. Penalties for violations.
306.300. Definitions--marine sanitation device required--limitations--civil penalty.
306.325. Vessels on navigable waterways, restrictions on transporting of foodstuffs and beverages--violation, penalty.
306.400. Liens and encumbrances--valid, perfected, when, how, future advances--boats and motors subject to, when, how determined--revenue to establish security procedure, electronic notices, rulemaking authority.
306.405. Certificates of title, delivery of, how, to whom--lienholder may elect to have revenue retain electronic title.
306.410. Duties of parties upon creation of lien or encumbrance--failure of owner to perform certain duties, penalty--name change, authorization to director required.
306.415. Assignment of lien or encumbrance by lienholder, rights and obligations--perfection by assignee, how.
306.420. Satisfaction of lien or encumbrance, release of, procedure--duties of lienholder and director of revenue--penalty for unauthorized release of a lien.
306.425. Provisions of 306.400 to 306.430 exclusive--exceptions.
306.430. Liens and encumbrances incurred before July 1, 2003--how terminated, completed and enforced.
306.435. Repossessed vessels, motorboats and outboard motors, certificate of title--application, procedure, fee, form of--notice--issued, when--director of revenue, duties, rulemaking authority.
306.440. Owner's failure to indicate lienholder on title application, penalty.
Cross Reference

Outboard motors and vessels, certificate of title, transfers by beneficiary form due to death of one owner, sales and use tax not to apply, 301.684 ***

306.455. Certificate of title for outboard motors and vessels in names of two or more persons, presumptions--exception.
306.456. Certificate of title for outboard motors and vessels in one person's name, may be surrendered, new certificate issued for one or more other persons--fee.
306.458. Certificate of title, two or more persons, not held as tenants in common, death of one tenant, transfer to surviving owners, procedure, fee--tenants in common, death of one tenant, procedure to transfer, fee.
306.461. Certificate of title in beneficiary form--multiple beneficiaries allowed--procedure to issue, content, fee--consent not required for transactions, revocation--interest subject to certain claims--transfer not deemed testamentary.
306.463. Death of owner and no surviving owner or beneficiary, director of revenue may transfer and issue new certificate, when, procedure to obtain.
306.465. Rules and regulations, authority to promulgate, procedure.
306.530. Registration of outboard motors.
306.532. Certificate of title to designate year of manufacture
306.535. Applications, contents, fee--not made within certain period, delinquency fee.
306.540. Registration by director of revenue, when.
306.545. Registration number--placement.
306.550. Certificate forms--duties of seller and purchaser--temporary registration number, issuance, contents.
306.555. Inspection of outboard motors.
306.560. Outboard motor registration not required for manufacturers, visitors in state, and motors used solely for racing.
306.565. Fees--disposition.
306.570. Destruction of records.
306.575. Penalty for violation.
306.900. Direct molding process--use of to duplicate hulls prohibited, when--damages and injunctive relief, when.
306.903. Abandonment of boat dock, penalty--retrieval and disposal--identifying information on dock required, when, penalty.
306.910. Recreational water use--definitions--brochure, distribution, limitation on cost of.

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